Having Minor Problems W Dynamics And Volumes On New Projects

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  1. 1960869
    ShawnDon : Sun 21st May 2017 : 1 year ago Im having some issues on making my music sound uniformed. w/ hiphop tracks i figured out but ive been mixing my sound up and different genres are engineered differently. i dont know what you would call my latest track but i just need a few pointers. all advice is appreciated.

  2. 1783701
    Auver : Sun 21st May 2017 : 1 year ago This sounds pretty good, even though I don't normally listen to this genre. If you are having trouble w/ dynamics, I'd try not using any limiters (including on the master) and control dynamics only via volume/gain and compression on test tracks, that helped me. As for making your your music sound a little more "uniformed", I'd suggest working on your transitions. Another thing that seems a little weird is your stereo imaging on your song, it's pretty wide. All in all good work though!
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