Anyone Have Good Punk Music Mixing Tips

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    BradoSanz : Fri 19th May 2017 : 3 days ago Im about to record a local punk band.

    Any tips, videos or tutorials related to this that I can look at before I leap into this?

    My biggest issue has been drum mixing and compression and guitar tones. I find it very difficult to get a clear but not over-crunchy tone in my guitars without making it sound thin, whilst trying to reduce my crunchiness only makes it sound muddy.

    I don't know how to get a solid drum sound that has a punchier, more balanced power than what I am used to.

    Anyhoo, anything helps. Thanks!

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    Spivkurl : Fri 19th May 2017 : 3 days ago I may be able to help you a bit, but first I have a couple questions...

    What sort of punk band is this, as in subgenre/style?

    Is it a three piece or four piece, or something else?

    Will all instruments be real, and played by real people?
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    Mahloo13 : Fri 19th May 2017 : 3 days ago Just replied to your e-mail Brado. I apologize for the delay.

    Drums are pretty easy for such a genre as you can go with a natural and gritty sound or with a more processed and sample reinforced sound. If you are tracking real drums I'd advise recording one shots of the toms, kick and snare which you can then use as samples to reinforce the drum sound. MAke sure when recording the one shots that you are also recording the room sound and the overhead sound. This enables you to have the room ambiance of the snare for example without the noise of the cymbals and everything else.

    As for guitar on the recording process I tend to go with an SM57 over the cap and and 421 or 441 at the edge of the cap or further depending on the sound. Also make sure you record a DI signal which can help you when editing the guitars. Contrary to what people believe most of the guitar power and that huge sound comes when the bass guitar is present so try to get that powerfull low end with the help of the bass. |

    As for drum mixing, start with the overheads and get a nice powerfull and sizzly tone and then bring in the direct mics. Works in most cases for me.

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