Seeking A Fellow Ableton Live Producer For Collab

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    ScrubMaestro : Fri 19th May 2017 : 1 year ago I've got this nice Electro Swing track going and I really want someone to one, collab and two, spruce up my track a bit, message me on here and we can arrange some sort of contact.

    Disclaimer: I'm not that good of a producer yet and I only had seven months of experience so my skillset is a bit limited, no matter, I can send you the project files from Ableton and you can judge for yourself, albeit if you do have Ableton.
  2. 2115643
    Ohrix : Fri 19th May 2017 : 1 year ago Can I hear it?
  3. 2153179
    ScrubMaestro : Sat 20th May 2017 : 1 year ago I got the song up here:

    If clicking on it doesn't work paste the link into a web browser.
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