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  1. 1910991
    Unknown User : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago


    I challenge everyone to make a drop in 30 minutes. Any genre is ok, this is just for fun, no winners!

    My example:

  2. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    It's funny, with the "any genre is ok," since there are a multitude of genres which have never acknowledged a "drop."

  3. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Wtf is a drop....does it have anything to do with gravity?

  4. 1820087
    onlyhits : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    lol, can't tell if you're being serious or not Planetjazzbass.

  5. 630386
    Unknown User : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    FYI, MrMittens is 15yrs old and he sounds pretty good. With that said I try to stay aware of what the young kids are doing quite often, the lingo, the trends, the styles and the terms but it can be a struggle at times.

    Best way to explain The Drop for us old skool folks, it's like taking the euphoric feel of a the bridge section and slamming it into Verse 1 as one big new thing roughly. This a very rough an loose interpretation, and not the exact or PC definition.

    The Drop usually follows a musical sound build up in many cases in the song but not in all cases. You know after the build up it is the drop part because of the massive and dramatic rhythmic change or beat change pace the song takes after the build up in some cases but not all cases. It can also be performed in combination with some huge bass sounds and fxs sometimes but not in all cases.

    The drop is sometimes also described as the break section of a song which can happen more than once in an electronic song. I just didn't want you to give this kid a rough time.

  6. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Just kidding MelodicDreamer :) I've always suspected the "drop" as being how Joe described it though I understand better now (thanks Joe) it's interesting how the musical lexicon changes.

  7. 1820087
    onlyhits : Thu 4th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Haha yeah it's typically only in EDM type genres of music.

  8. 630386
    Unknown User : Fri 5th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    We all love music Dave, cheers to you. But it ain't what it used to be, damn! Whatever happen to people getting together and making a real song together opposed to just making a drop to be dropped into a song. Man music seems like it has been raped or something and left on the the side of the road for dead. Bouncing ideas between musicians in real time across a table, writing and composing together seem like a concept now rather than a reality these days. :)

  9. 851137
    crucethus : Fri 5th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    So Joe, The fact that now. I can relate an Idea to a man in Massachusetts, while commenting on a musicians point of view from Australia , whilst giving some pointers to some young talent in Charlotte NC, doesnt amaze you, I dont know what will. We take for granted that we have the ability to communicate new ideas and sounds and phrases over the planet now for granted. Could we have done that 30 years ago. I dont think so. You would not have known me, and I would have not known you. We needed Fanzines and poor radio shows, maybe someone had a shortwave radio and heard the UK hits. So Maybe us Older cats need to take a moment and step back and look at what has happened with the democratization of music due to cheap DAWS and go....ok, yeah you ....know PJB is right it all (just kidding) some is good, some is not but everyone is having fun and that is all that counts ehh?
    my 2cents from the GWN!

  10. 2115643
    Ohrix : Fri 5th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Challenge accepted! I made this track in about 20 minutes and I'm quite happy with it

  11. 1982717
    N3KA : Fri 5th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    made it 30 min, and it sounds rubbish to be honest.

  12. 1351694
    Lewyn : Fri 5th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    It's a little poppy but it's actually not bad at all, N3KA

  13. 1910991
    Unknown User : Fri 5th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Sorry for the confusion, my wording is not that good xD

  14. 1041668
    wikkid : Sat 6th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Mr. Mittens,

    That beat . . .WOW. There are a number of producers on here that will take you up on your challenge, and kudos to you for giving them something so dance worthy.

    You done good.

  15. 1820087
    onlyhits : Sat 6th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    I may have to take you up on this challenge! I've been finishing some songs that I'm excited to put out but after that I'll probably try my hand.

  16. 1936414
    0Equinox0 : Mon 15th May 2017 : 6 years ago

    Hey all,

    I was bored so I went forum surfing.

    I may have gone over time by 5 mins. Am I disqualified?

    Anyway this is what I came up with :


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