Looking For A Sample That Could Range From Lil Uzi To Smoke Purpp

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  1. 1668746
    ElChapo1642 : Tue 18th Apr 2017 : 3 years ago

    Hi, my name is Mat Prince. I'm a young producer from Columbus Ohio. I am currently working with an artist from Florida named Londan Logan and i'm trying to design an upbeat style trap beat. I have a great beat but have been going crazy trying to find any melodic samples. If you are able to, please help!

  2. 1971422
    Justze3 : Wed 19th Apr 2017 : 3 years ago

    can you provide a link to the beat in question please,so i could have an idea on what youre working on,maybe able to help you out

  3. 1668746
    ElChapo1642 : Wed 19th Apr 2017 : 3 years ago

    if you could email me i would be more than happy to send you the beat. My Email is , Thank you

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