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Anyone Using The Avalon U5 Pre Amp For Bass Acoustic Guitar

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  1. 308224
    theHumps : Mon 3rd Apr 2017 : 1 year ago

    I've been looking at pre-amps for my bass. I'm back running my bass through my Fender amp, running a line out to my new Saffire Pro 40 interface. The pre-amps are great on the Saffire and with a great tone coming out of the Fender head I'm starting to like my sound again.

    But doing some research I ran into the Avalon U5 pre-amp/direct box and this thing sounds unbelievable for bass and acoustic guitar. Here is the link to it at Sweetwater, the reviews and the vids I've seen on this item are nothing less than fantastic.

    Anyone use this or have seen it used. Do you know if it will work with stand up basses? Any help would be appreciated.


  2. 308224
    theHumps : Mon 3rd Apr 2017 : 1 year ago;creative=54989553361&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=U5&gclid=CNHmhbGq-dICFYk7gQod_FgFzQ

    Forgot the link,lol.

  3. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 4th Apr 2017 : 1 year ago

    Hey Wayne good to see you buddy..I've always wanted one of these DI's but down here in Oz their around the $900 mark, I've never used one though and only seen reviews and youtube critiques, at that price it would have to totally ace my Demeter tube pre which I doubt since installing some 1964 telefunken tubes, point being if you can get it for a great price go for it, but me being me I'd be more inclined to shop around in the second hand market for a dedicated tube pre in the $400 range, bottom line is you definitely need to get a good bass pre in the signal chain for good bass tone as software alone will always sound mushy, squashed and filtered..cheers mate

  4. 308224
    theHumps : Tue 4th Apr 2017 : 1 year ago

    Hey Dave! I guess a few years ago these were $1,600 US and basically studios and touring pros owned them but the price has dropped to a more reasonable $620 here as more of the general public have bought them. I am realizing how much a pre-amp is essential in the chain. "Mushy, squashed", yeah, that sounds familiar, ugg.

    My buddy Jim wants to record his stand up, he has it mic'ed correctly and gets a great sound being plugged in to an amp but when recording it it seems to lose it's punch. The Avalon looks like one of the best on the market alongside the Neve products. Just looking for some feedback on it, seeing if anyone here has run into it.


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