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    scottd15 : Mon 20th Mar 2017 : 1 week ago Hi All, I had a look over the site and I really still wonder has anyone put together a comprehensive list of tutorials that is perfect for the completed new starter?

    It all seems to hit and miss and is there a set of tutorials or anyone know where to go online free to learn?

    Just looking for a series of videos/intrustions on the basics and then moving forward, there are some good vids out there but again is there a series to follow? so you no your learing from scratch and moving forward in the corect way, until your like "wow I no all of this" I am able to actually do stuff.

    Just finding a lto of vids seem to go over my head and other have said it too.

    Also if anyone is in Kent uk and wants to teach a newbow to FL I happy to pay a bit, so desperate to move forward and learn it and progress, you guys are great on here and would be good to pick the correct brains, if anyone kind enough is willing to help, as at that stage where I am just picking things up a little but stuck completly as can not fathem out how some things work.....Sure you been there before long time go, feel my pain please lol.

    Thank you very much to anyone that responds, thanks
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    Spivkurl : Mon 20th Mar 2017 : 1 week ago FL studio 10 is quite outdated, for one. In addition, the Image Line forum is ripe with experienced FL users who are ready to help... you can even interact with the developers on there.

    Then, there is always the manual. Always read the manual.

    FL 12.4.1 is out at this point, and 12.5 has a release candidate for testing. Lots of new features, and there will be many more in v13 it seems. Worth upgrading, since it is free (assuming you have bought the program)... ;)
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    scottd15 : Mon 20th Mar 2017 : 1 week ago Hi mate, yes brought it years back and started but had a family death and left it. I think the upgrade is needed and great they do that. I just scared its to advanced lol. Its pretty daunting learning, i get stuck at so many avenues. Thanks for the reply. :)
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    subSpace : Tue 21st Mar 2017 : 6 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5lGR4hQoBw

    there ya go fl10 tutorial for starters
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