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    scottd15 : Mon 20th Mar 2017 : 1 year ago Hi,

    New here, thought I would say hello, seems a great community feel and what music should be. I am an old time DJ back in the day you did not have to produce tracks in order to further your djing, I dj around the world and teach dmc style stuff too.

    I always wanted to make my own music but I have FL10 and I am a loss there are stumbling blocks that wont let me move forward, really easy things but as newbie your like "what the fook" how do i do that how can i make this go like that!! lol.

    So here really to find some peole whom use FL10 and hope that someone show pitty and helps me along, nothign better than talking to someone whom is wiser and learing quicker.

    I am in Kent Uk, and if anyone lives here and wants to hook up make some music that be great and if anyone wants to teach me I happy to pay a little.

    Anyway I like mainly oldskool, hosue garage, dnb old skool hardcore early 90s. Like Trap music, house/trance, dubstep and garage so pretty much all, just really interested in learning more and hopfully meet some kool people and to learn off. This si the part of music I like people helping out, I love teahing scratching etc on the decks. Anyone DJ?

    All the best, some brilliant stuff being made on this site and samples people give away and the effort that goes in to them, well done!
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