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Why I Left Looperman For A Whole Year

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  1. 1029245
    EYEDYE : Thu 9th Feb 2017 : 1 year ago

    Hey Everyone, EYEDYE here.
    Many know me, many do not. But those who do, may have noticed that I inexplicably disappeared for quite A while. Before I came back On December 31st with "Outside" I didn't realize how much time had actually passed. My last upload was a song I provided vocals for made by the amazing Bradosanz, February 2016. I do not count that though, as it was not Original and very quick. My last real upload was all the way back in November 2015.This song was It's My Time, which is the 2nd song I have made that received over 1500 plays.Thank you.
    So why the hiatus?
    Well, anyone who listened to and read the description of "Outside" knows that 2016 was not a good year for me at all. I lost interest in just about everything. I worked jobs that I despised. I was taken advantage of. I screwed up relationships. I lost friends. Lied to, betrayed; My best friend of almost 8 years stabbed me in the back just to try and fuck my girlfriend at the time. I wanted to die and was severally depressed all the time. Among plenty of other shit.
    Extremely personal I know, But I feel as if this community should know, because I honestly believe that I would not be doing what I do if it wasn't for the support and feedback I have received here. When I make music, this is the first place it goes. Why? No other place will give me the amount of feedback I receive here. I feel wanted here. You guys WANT my music. And that's amazing.
    So, 2016 is done. Is there any good news? Actually yes. Another part of the reason I was gone was because I was not only intently focused on creating new music for the project "Facing The Liars" (EYEDYE's 1st real album,of which "Outside" will appear on,) but also another project that I am extremely excited about.

    Raze The Pyre
    A metal band that I auditioned for back in August. Out of like 6 or 7 vocalists, they liked me the best. That's right Looper family, your favorite cinematic rapping metalhead is the lead vocalist of a real band! And we are making progress. This is an extremely talented group that made me apart of a family that...well that I didn't have. And I am also pleased to announce that we're ready for shows. As of right now, Feb 25th we are headlining our own show. March 22nd, we are opening for 3 touring bands. And June 3rd, we will take part in an all day metal festival. As a side note, a manager got with us almost right after I was recruited and asked if we were ready to open for not only Parkway Drive, but also The Black Dahlia Murder, 2 HUGE bands in the metal community. Unfortunately, I was just recruited abd we could not open for them. BUT, this just shows that we are capable of really making it, and thats what we're striving for. You can find us on reverbnation and facebook if thats your sort of thing.
    SO, where does EYEDYE go from here?
    I released "Outside" and as stated before, I am working on my own album, "Facing The Liars" Even though i'm in a band, I will continue to make music as EYEDYE; There are many amazing things in the works and experiments going on! When this album will be out, I can not say. But I am hard at work!

    How do I feel now?
    I'm better. This band has helped me tremendously, and I have tons of motivation again like I did when I first joined this site. I still hate my job haha, The depression is still there, and it always will be. But it doesn't tear me apart anymore. I'm tired. A LOT. I dont sleep much. (mental stuff,job and music mess with that.) But im better.

    I'm giving it my all this year. EYEDYE will be better than ever, and I'm really hoping to get somewhere with Raze The Pyre. I won't forget what got me started,who kept me going, and I owe so much thanks to the Looper Family. I hope you all join me on my journey, cause I guarantee..It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

  2. 589130
    Spd2 : Thu 9th Feb 2017 : 1 year ago

    Music has always been and will always be my safe haven when I'm feeling vulnerable to many different disadvantages. I feel compelled to write music whenever I'm emotionally crippled, past or present. Shit, saves me time and money from seeking professional therapy XD. For whatever it's worth, I'm sorry for what's happened to you, I can't imagine myself experiencing what you've gone through. Stay strong my brother, it's gonna get better in due time. Congratulations to you and the band, I wish you nothing but the best. You're young so keep pushing. I was in your shoe once, striving to succeed in the music business. Because of my family and work I had to hang it up, but it was sure a wonderful hell of a ride. Have fun and make it all worthwhile. You are a valuable asset to this community, and we appreciate your talent and friendship. Take care :)

  3. 147341
    Jeffierenee : Thu 9th Feb 2017 : 1 year ago

    So sorry about all that has happen to you but you have survived. We survive. Glad you are here and definitely will check out your music!.

  4. 1029245
    EYEDYE : Fri 10th Feb 2017 : 1 year ago

    Thanks guys!

  5. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Sat 11th Feb 2017 : 1 year ago

    wow, sounds like my 2016.. ugh, i'll spare y'all the details. Yeah man, I really dig your output and nope, for me the depression never leaves but seriosuly look at the adults of the world hahaha... keep seeking beauty man. visher

    ps: I notice a few people like myself whose favorite sites are looperman AND wikiloops. I invite you there as well please.. you will not be disappointed in either site and they;re both unique so no competition there. (I'm Neal_Visher there) I've had some killer jams and collabs on both lm & wl :)

    Glad to hear you'resilient !

  6. 1029245
    EYEDYE : Sun 12th Feb 2017 : 1 year ago

    Ill be sure to check it out and thanks for the words

  7. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Sun 25th Jun 2017 : 1 year ago

    I remember you.
    I was gone too though, working on my vocal studio. :D
    I'm glad you are in a band and doing well.
    Upload a band track here if the band is ok with that, I think I speak for many when I say we like to hear what members are working on outside of the looperverse.

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