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    Looperman : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    Ive just published a few updated on the loops and acapellas pages.

    When you view the details of a loop or acapella you should now see a list of recommended items that are similar near the bottom of the page bellow the comments.

    For now the list is based on the bpm, genre or category of the item you are looking at but I plan to adjust how the list is built to be fairer and more relevant.

    As ever, if you spot any problems or think of a way to improve it let me know.

    Should this be also set up on the tracks section ?

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    JoeFunktastic : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    First, thank you very much Shan. My initial reaction is sort of mixed. My only complaint is the Root key is not considered in the recommendations list. Is adding a root key filter one of your planned improvements?

    But I could see this as a fantastic idea for tracks. If I knew of songs similar to mine I would listen and review them more.


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    Evisma : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    "Should this be also set up on the tracks section ?"

    Yes. That would make the tracks section a more listener-friendly place, without hunting. Years of good, buried songs on this site.

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    Spivkurl : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    It seems like a cool addition, just from checking out some loops. I did notice one thing, after clicking through several loops. This one specifically did not show any suggestions...

    I am not affiliated with the loop, just noticed the slight apparent bug.

    Other wise quite cool, and possibly cooler with the addition of the key - although it seems like precious few loops have key tags.

    "Should this be also set up on the tracks section ?"

    I could see this as enhancing the experience for both the casual user and the active members.

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    Looperman : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    we could add the root key filter in there too although there are lots of loops that dont have that added so they would not make the list and in the case of drums it would not count anyway. Not saying I wont add it though along with some other magic that makes sure we still get results if its not set.

    At the moment its simply ordered by number of downloads but again thats not fair as stuff thats been around longer will have more downloads. I could work out something by dividing the downloads by number of days since upload to get a more relevant filter.

    i didnt add it to tracks yet as i wasnt sure if people would not like other users tracks showing bellow theirs. its a simple thing to reproduce the functionality there too though.

    let me know your ideas though and ill build whatever works best for everyone.

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    Looperman : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    @spiv, its not a bug but it does highlight the simple method of choosing the recommended items at the moment.

    Its tempo is 143 and so not a common as say 140 and so you can see that there are no other 143bpm electronic drum loops uploaded.

    In the upload guide it does mention that sticking to commonly used tempos will give your loops more chance of being used

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    JoeFunktastic : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    I think that is the the whole idea Shan, to filter out the UNKNOWN key stuff for the material that is in key. But would it be asking too much if you could write a IfThen statement in the backend code that has a front end of a checkbox? So for those who want everything despite the key can see all the recommended matches by leaving the box unchecked. And for those who check the box, lets say like the music theory musicians here, can see filtered in key results even if the net gain is One or Zero. Better to have nothing than having an out of key loop.

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    Looperman : Sat 28th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    Ive just run a few tests and it cuts out a great deal of potential recommendations. It may be better to use the key but ignore the genre with loops

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    BradoSanz : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago


    I love the update! Easier to travel the loops without being stuck in a down-scroll mentality. Older stuff gets brought to the surface, and for that I cannot complain.



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    joecramer : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    Nice idea and sure useful but like you said a bit unfair and the results are also not always ok.
    I would like to get the "search for loops" box filled with all things you used to get the presented list.
    Then i could easily change the things i need to find the right things i am looking for. Cause often i like a guitar loop and would love to find quick and easy an organ that fits


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    Looperman : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    @Joe, yes thats easily done and had crossed my mind. ill add that later today

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    Looperman : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    The recommended section has now been added to track too. this time based on plays and genre. Again the filter for how tracks are chosen will probably change to make it fairer.

    Ive also updated the overall styles of text etc to give a little more space and make things easier to read.

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    Spivkurl : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    Suggested tracks is a nice feature, especially for tracks with fewer comments.

    Must say I am disliking the font changes, though it may just take some time. Seems harder to read at this point.

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    Looperman : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    Thanks Spiv, the only font change is the space between lines / line-height. This has been increased slightly and made uniform across the site so if anything it should feel more comfortable to read anything where there is more then a few lines. A little more breathing space.

    It would be interesting to hear how you feel the recommended tracks should be generated. At the moment its simply based on the genre of the main track

  15. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 29th Jan 2017 : 5 years ago

    The font seemed to mess with my eyes mostly on the track descriptions. Not that important.

    Genre does seem pretty fair. Plays would probably favor more recent active members, while comments would often favor older songs. I'll think on it.

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    Spivkurl : Wed 1st Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    Could it be that something has broken regarding the "contact form?" This is the first time since the updates when I have tried to send a message. It keeps returning me to the contact form, with apostrophes and quotation marks replaced with html code. It is not showing an error message, but simply returning to the page. Load times are quite slow this morning as well.

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    Looperman : Wed 1st Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    ill check that out, im seeing the same problem.

    im running some fairly large queries on the database too in order to try and optimise things which may slow stuff down while they are running.

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    Looperman : Wed 1st Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    @spiv, yes, there seems to be an issue with email. Ive put in a temp fix to get around it and will dig a bit deeper to see what was going on. Thanks for letting me know

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    Evisma : Thu 2nd Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    I like the idea for recommended tracks, but the same 12 or so tracks come up every time per genre. Is there a way to randomize the suggested tracks generated, or is it only by specific criteria, like plays? As it is now, the most heard songs get the extra exposure, concreting those songs in the list. Can there be a mix of heavily played and seldom played? Not a complaint, just a thought. Pretty cool so far.

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    Looperman : Thu 2nd Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    yes, at the moment the recommendation engine is not final. im happy for suggestions on how it should choose the tracks etc

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    Evisma : Thu 2nd Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    Maybe two random tracks from said genre from each year in the library, randomly covering the history of Looperman tracks?

    Random 2 from 2007, 2 from 2008, and so on. Would 20 suggested tracks be too many? About an hour and a half of suggested music, and it's new every time. Unless the search option already covers this, but I'm not sure if it really randomizes your results, giving a unique playlist every time. Could be cool,... could be hated.

    Just a thought.

  22. 951439
    Evisma : Fri 3rd Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    Ah, I see the track search option already has this quite covered. You can randomize the whole library. Been hearing some decade old and very good Looperman tracks that nearly nobody has even played. Good stuff.

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    Planetjazzbass : Fri 3rd Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    Works like a charm, very cool additions!

  24. 1790928
    niggabiotch321 : Sat 18th Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    site got faster loading aswell ... fussy users can't see the wood for the trees !

    yours sincerely .. 'lurker dude who never posts'

    i get busy, but am i right in saying it's got faster searching etc etc ? or is it just me ?

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    Looperman : Sun 19th Feb 2017 : 5 years ago

    the site should be working faster.

    ive spent a lot of time optimising the database, the server and the overall systems that chug away in the background

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