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Can ITouch Internal Mic Override Headphone Mic

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  1. 1441997
    drproximo : Fri 16th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    if I'm recording vocals on my iPod Touch, I need to use headphones so the mic doesn't pick up the music, but right now I only have a pair of earbuds with a built-in mic, and that came from the dollar store, so the iTouch mic is way better. I've poked through the settings but I can't find if there's a way to force GarageBand to recognize the internal mic and ignore the wired mic.

  2. 630386
    Unknown User : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    First this not a Garage Band issue with your iPod Touch device. There is absolutely no setting in Garage Band for the iPod Touch microphone in Garage Band to change your default mic. Close Garage Band.

    The solution? You must plug in headphones into your iPod Touch that DOES NOT have a built in microphone because the default action will always be to use the external headphone's mic for everything when you have headphones that has one of those useless dangling mics.

    Why and how does this occur? When you unplug your headphones you should notice a copper or gold coloured plug at the end of the cord. This is the headphone jack plug. On it may be 1 or 2 black rings. These rings serves as an automatic hardware switch. 2 ring on your headphone audio jack will tell the iPod Touch that you are plugging in a headphone/mic combo set into it. That now becomes an automatic hardwired setting that you cannot changed (unless you unplug it.) That is then relayed to Garage Band from the iPod Touch iOS Automatically that you cannot change.

    The solution? You must plug in a set of headphone that DOES NOT have a built in external mic and then you will have access to the better mic, the internal mic on the iPod Touch when using Garage Band or any other app on your iPod Touch. Once you plug in a standard set of headphones the iPod Touch automatically senses your headphones does not have a mic and continues to use the internal built-in one. You can then verify it by going into "System Preferences" then "Sound, and Audio Midi Setup." It will show your mic default as internal with regular headphones plugged in. But if you plug in those dollar store earbuds w/built in mic, then the "Sound, and Audio Midi Setup" will list your mic as external.

    My certainty level on this is 100% You will need to buy some real head phones that does not have a built in mic. Good Luck!

  3. 1441997
    drproximo : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    not to be rude or obtuse, but you seemed to have missed the point. I'm broke. I have what I have, I do not have the option to merely go out and start getting gear other than what I have, otherwise I would not have asked in the first place.

  4. 630386
    Unknown User : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Actually you missed the point. Did you miss the part about the plug being a hardwired hardware switch? The hardware is built this way and cannot be defeated by the software. The hardware hands off that control setting to the OS which hands it off to Garage Band. I thought I made that clear. Because you broke that means you are out of luck man. There is no cheap work around. I've serviced these things, this I said I am 100% Positive! If you are broke, and I do not mean to rude, get a job, a second job, or borrow some headphones from a friend. What you asked is physical impossibility. It would be like saying you want a headphone jack on an iPhone 7 and they did not build a headphone jack for the iPhone 7. That is a physical impossibility. The hardware is designed to behave as I outlined on the Touch. The 2 ringed plug forces it to engage the external mic, no way around that. Did you also miss the part the Garage Band does does not have a mic setting selection because of the hand off I spoke of? Furthermore I just Googled it to confirm what I said is factual. So stop asking silly questions if you know the answer to, because I would not have answered you in the first place.

    Here even Apple tells what I said is true:

    You cannot cheap this one out, and those are the facts! Good Luck!

  5. 1231236
    joecramer : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Maybe it sounds rude but EVERYBODY can buy some Headphones/Earbuds for less then 5 bucks ..... in every dollar store you will find them.
    Or just ask a friend cause almost every body has some cheap earbuds he never use ......

  6. 1441997
    drproximo : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    no, not "everybody" can buy cheap dollar store headphones. maybe when you have 10 dollars or more in your pocket it seems like you can just go to the dollar store any time, but when you have nothing in your pocket that's not an option. your assumption is demonstrably false. broke. broke. no money. nada. zero. completely destitute until Christmas. can't even scrape together bus fare to get to the dollar store in the first place. so unless you're gonna PayPal me the funds, don't just tell me what I can and can't do based on what YOU can and can't do.

    PS. I'm turning off notifications, no further responses are required or wanted.

  7. 630386
    Unknown User : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago


    Thanks, what you said broke this thing wide open at what the real problem is.

    Now everything makes now. I was wondering why you asked such a silly question and then lashed out at me because it was what you knew all along anyways. I think you have much bigger problems than headphones like getting something to eat and getting a warm shower. I am not making fun of you, but your priorities are grossly out of place. If you have to wait until Christmas or the New Year than so be it. This all could of been avoided because you know what you must do, you must wait a while to do it. I wish you well and I pray it all works out for you man.

  8. 1231236
    joecramer : Sun 18th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    It really don't matter at all to me but is there a way to "close" the hardware switch problem with a kind of a tape??? :) ... i mean no connection no problem ... but sure then the tape could be stay in the ipod and make much more problems then he had before ....

  9. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Sun 18th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    And there goes another arogant prick asking stupid stuff and lashing out at folks genuinly trying to help. Get a job dude, or two jobs if you have to and once you've earned enough money how about buying a new attitude.

  10. 630386
    Unknown User : Sun 18th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Joe! Very good man. In theory yes, that sounds correct. Tape around one of rings on the plug could fool auto-sensing through trial and error. That's a long shot but sounds very, very, plausible to me man. I use to own an iPod Touch so I cannot test that theory but on paper it sounds doable.

    Malu, I just hope that guy gets his act together and forgets music. I wish him no ill will, it's Christmas man.

    So drproximo if you are still listening, try the tape. Go to your library and ask the librarian for some sticky tape and try taping one of the rings on the plug. Credits for that: Joe Cramer! The cons: The tape could come loose and stuck inside the input jack of the iPod Touch, so caution is recommended.

  11. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Mon 19th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    @Joe - I use the Acapella app for my live stuff to save rough ideas (I posted the result previously), and even though I have the Apple headphones plugged in, it still resorts to using the phone's built-in mic. I'd imagine if that the Acapella app can bypass the headphone input, maybe there's a way to do it for GarageBand? Just a thought. I'd assume there'd have to be some code changes in GB that don't exist, however.

  12. 630386
    Unknown User : Mon 19th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    First Brado using the earbuds is not what we are talking about here. Apple only earbuds will certainly allow the internal mic to work. We are talking about earbuds that have a mic as well and exclusively with the iPod Touch. Earbuds and no built-in mic count as regular headphones since it does not have a mic.

    Secondly Brado, you are missing something here, we are not talking about Garage Band on a MacBook Pro because if we were then your assumptions would be correct. A lot of considerations and sacrifices had to made to port GarageBand onto the iPod Touch. If you read this guy's opening you were of read that he searched for that setting that does not exist on GarageBand on the iPod Touch, I also posted an Apple link as well supporting that Brado, it does not exist, and as I said I serviced them as an expert, and I am telling it does not exist in GarageBand for the iPod Touch.

    I was once certified on this device, but you have to get retested so often. The Acapella App is a third party app, so not knowing what you have because you did not say, you did not say if you had an iPod Touch, you mentioned earbuds but does your earbuds have a mic? And if you still do not believe me, read this.

    Just because something works for one thing doesn't means it will work for another. Because hardware may vary from device to device and may do different things on an iPhone compared as compared to a media device like the Touch. Furthermore the Touch, iOS, and GarageBand is designed and made by Apple to work together, Acapella App is not, it is third party. As a music expert and formerly certified Apple tech I can assure you no such setting exist while using GB exclusively on the iPod Touch. Nice thought though. This is why this guy is in such agony even he knew it but wondered if there was a cheap workaround. Again, see this:

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