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Remix Hold On By AustinMusic

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  1. 793159
    austinmusic : Tue 6th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Hey guys, really thinking I want to get at remix or two of my song Hold On if anyone is interested. I wasn't thrilled with the final production of the original and think it could be cool to deconstruct it a bit and do some kind of electronic remix. In terms of style, I'm really open. I can see it being dance/EDM or even something maybe a little harder. I just want someone to be inspired and take a stab at it.

    If at all possible I want to release one or two that I like online to accompany an acoustic version of the song as like a "remix" EP of sorts, and I'm hoping to do that within a few weeks or so. I'd definitely give whoever the remixer is/are a cut of whatever sales are made. That said, I can't promise anything too thrilling, my iTunes sales last month were like $14. With that, if you do take a shot at it, I just ask you don't make it available for download anywhere.

    This is a folder with all of the individual tracks, totally raw, in WAV files --

    And this is the original track --

    Let me know if anyone is interested! Of if anyone would like to take a shot at another one of my songs. I'm willing to see what anyone can come up with!


  2. 1820087
    onlyhits : Wed 7th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Amazing song! Downloading the tracks right now, really excited to get started!

  3. 1820087
    onlyhits : Wed 7th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    What key is the song in?

  4. 793159
    austinmusic : Wed 7th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago


  5. 1804346
    RagingKitten : Sun 11th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Hey Austin, I would love to remix your track. It was a great and emotional song that I found I could relate to, having lost my grandmother to leukemia thee years ago, and having lost my other grandmother this past year to dementia. I was curious whether you used Logic or GarageBand on this track, because I use GarageBand and if thats what you used, I would love it if I could get the project file.

    Best wishes,

  6. 793159
    austinmusic : Sun 11th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    The original track was done in Logic and the version you hear on here was done in Pro Tools. Unfortunately I don't have the project file since I did not produce the song, I just have the raw tracks. But I'd love to hear what you come up with!

  7. 1804346
    RagingKitten : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    Hey, so whats the guitar chord progression?

  8. 793159
    austinmusic : Sat 17th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    G-E-D for the verses and choruses. E-D-C-F for the little interlude after the chorus, C-E-D for bridge.

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