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    agusmagne : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Hi everyone, this is my first post on looperman

    I'm getting started on recording guitar and base, and hopefully drums.

    I have a Zoom G3X which I plug via USB to my PC, then run Guitar Rig 5 and proceed to record.
    I was happy with it's sound because I use an actual amp as audio.. so I wasn't noticing it but the amp was modifying the input sound.
    When I plugged in some headphones instead of listening to the amp, it went from "ok sound" to total crap. Like it's being played inside a Sega Family console.

    So my idea now is to get a microphone like the Blue Snowball ICE which is arround $50 to record the sound coming out of my amp, and later on, try to get a better amp.

    Anyways, if you know why my pedalboard makes my guitar sound awful, please let me know. I tried lots of combinations between amp modelers and distortions, compressors and equalizers. Still I never got a decent sound coming directly from the G3X. But if I make it run through the amp before it comes out, I can hear a pretty pretty good quality guitar in my opinion.

    So... finishing this post, I'm considering to buy a microphone to record the amp sound for guitar and base, and to record drums some time ahead.

    What do you think? Have you gone through similar stuff? Any kind of advise will be helpful.

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    Spivkurl : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago It sounds like you need to try a Direct Insert Box to bring your guitar signal to the correct level and impedance. Some guitar amplifiers have an output which does this in a rudimentary way, while most do not. A good active DI should make it so you can record just the guitar/bass output, the pedal board output, or even the speaker level output of an amplifier head. A passive DI would work best for just the instrument or pedal board.

    There are many quality issues which can be solved by a DI, like too low of a volume in the recording, distortion, and tone loss. I use a DI box for as many recordings as is possible, now that I have four of them. Of course if I am recording more than four channels simultaneously, I have to chose wisely which ones are connected via the DI, and which are strait to the interface inputs.
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    itsXseven : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago My suggestion is SAVE, if your budget is $50, keep that $50 in a savings account, or tucked somewhere safe! Then get yourself an Audio-Technica AT2020. One of the cheapest mic's I could find. Only downside, is you'll need a USB Interface (phantom power) for the microphone which is an additional $100. HOWEVER! It's sooooooo worth the price. To be able to record audio without any major problems from the hardware, it's like a dream come true.
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    Spivkurl : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Using a microphone with a guitar amplifier is definitely a viable option, however there are some advantages to direct insert... for example you can play with your monitors running instead of being forced into headphones (unless you have a soundproof booth for your amps). Also, some virtual effects will sound better before the saturation of the amplifier. Gain staging a microphone takes some practice as well.

    +1 for Audio Technica microphones though!
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    Mahloo13 : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago I don't understand how you route things?!? You are running guitar -> ZOOMG3x (used as an audio interface) -> Guitar Rig?

    What do you mean by amp? Do you mean the guitar rig amp or an actual guitar amplifier?
  6. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Just as a side note that ZOOM G3X connected through usb acts as an audio interface so you basically get 2 in 2 out and you can record and then process with amplitube, guitar rig, bias fx etc.
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    agusmagne : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Thanks for the replies!

    I think im gonna go for the DI box. It makes my brain itch that the real sound comming as output is THAT crappy. Plus, it'd really helpful at gigs.

    Do you have any recommendations? I didn't quite get if it would be better to me if I get a passive one or an active one.

    And I'm checking a BEHRINGER ULTRA-DI DI400P (passive) which is arround $20, because I'm guessing that if I'm gonna spend $100 on a DI, I'd better save that for de Audio Technica, right?
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    agusmagne : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Oh didn't read your comment Mahlaoo13. Sry if I speak wrongly, english is not my native language.

    I connect my guitar to the G3X. Then I connect the G3X to the PC via USB. And I'm using a real amplifier as PC sound output. So I can hear my guitar without any program like Guitar Rig, but I use Guitar Rig to record guitar.
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    Mahloo13 : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago You shouldn't go through the pc and then to the can connect the pedal directly to the amp. The zoom is actually a DI box (not a dedicated one but still). You can use the pedal emulations in the zoom this way before going to the amp.

    You can record through the zoom connected to the pc as then it acts as an interface and you run sound through guitar rig without any processing applied by the pedal.

    As for the microphone...what amplifier and what cabinet are we talking about? get a Shure SM57...if you wan't I'll send you some pieces of guitar playing recorded with an SM57 as we are recording a band tomorow. Also I'm not sure that blue yeti or snowball sh!t might not handle to well a bigger sound pressure level and it will kinda compress the sound in a not so pleasent way (at least I don't like it)
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    Mahloo13 : Mon 14th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Just noticed you are on a budget. Might better look at a decent audio interface and stick with Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Bias FX paired with some cabinet impulses for now. As long as you invest in a decent interface you will have something to work with when it comes time to record.
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    agusmagne : Wed 16th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Thanks Mahlaoo! Just fixed that connection issue. And speaking for my amp, it's a Nashville and these have no webpage. It's an old crappy amp I got as a gift when I started playing electric guitar some years ago.
    I have in mind to get a marshall I think it's a "marshall valvestate" , but a friend is selling me that one when I have the money so it can wait a little longer.

    Yes! I talked to a friend who knows way more than I do and he told me to get a DI box too.

    I'm looking for DI boxes and checking differences between passive and actives one right now. Do you have any recommendation or any other tip? I have to buy it soon or otherwise I have to wait until next year, so I'm in kind of a hurry lol xD

    Again thanks for the help, I'm really noob on this hole subject.
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    Spivkurl : Wed 16th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Well, and active DI, with different gain settings, a pad, through jack, and ground lift is most versatile in my experience. It can be handy to have one which can be powered from phantom power or battery. This is pretty much the set up on my Art DI, although after this and one other gear issue, I won't buy that brand any more. It does work with good results, but is just simply low build quality.

    The passive ones are all pretty similar, generally speaking it is a transformer which transforms the signal into a balanced mic level signal. They don't use power, and generally have no options. I have three of them, I think Rapco or something, in a rack space. They have a signal output (through) as well, so you can run it to fx or an amp, while at the same time recording the direct signal. I like these a lot, and use them in pretty much every situation now. I would love to have a bunch more.
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    Mahloo13 : Wed 16th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago You could check out some of the Radial Stuff:

    The Country man stuff is great as well:
  14. 2059939
    agusmagne : Thu 17th Nov 2016 : 1 year ago Ok thanks guys really!

    I have just made my offer for a BEHRINGER ULTRA-DI DI100 which is an active DI box that comes with an internal battery that shuts off when connected to a phantom power, so thats kinda cool.

    With the shipping and taxes went from 39.99 to 55.99 (because I delayed two days on the purchase lol :'( ) but here in Argentina it's arround 100 dolars so I can't complain xD

    As soon as I get to try it I'll let you know how it worked out.

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