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  1. 1693824
    dissipateprod : Wed 2nd Nov 2016 : 2 years ago

    Whats good looperman? Im just seeking advice on some good vst's for trap music from people who have these vst's and have actually experienced them consistently. If you could be kind enough to give me some recommendations or reviews on your favs that you own, please email me as that will be how i respond.


  2. 2532697
    sbelver : Thu 22nd Feb 2018 : 9 months ago

    Hi, you can try Omnisphere 2 and Serum, or maybe the suite of Arturia Collection with a lot of cool vst. I think for trap you need some good drum samples and then your imagination for the melody

  3. 2219199
    strobeZOfficial : Thu 22nd Feb 2018 : 9 months ago

    All you need is Serum. I have Massive and Omnisphere, both great plugins don't get me wrong, but I use Serum the most frequently and it is so much better than the other two. There are just endless possibilities for sound design. It is a bit pricey... but it is worth it. It also might seem complicated at first, but after you watch some tutorials on how to use Serum you will get the hang of it.

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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