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    Mahloo13 : Thu 13th Oct 2016 : 2 years ago Hello Loopers,

    A few days ago I've uploaded a new mix and promissed some pictures with the settings as well as the individual files for you guys to mix. I believe this could be a better exercise than watching a video :)

    I'll add up the link to drop box for a Zip file containing the files and the pictures as well as the session notes.

    Now the vocals are preprocessed as you'll see but everything else is clean and you can import the files from the folder "Malu files for mixing" and do your own version of the mix. I actually encourage you guys to do a mix and post it in this thread (Not on soundcloud, or any other site, just Post your best mix of the song, not quick mixes or ruff mixes cause you have my ruff mix as a reference.

    There will also be a folder called "Final Processed Files For Comparison". In this folder you will find the processed files which you can import into your DAW and leave everyfader at 0 as they are prebalanced, You should also insert one of the buss compressors (Slate FG-Red or SSL Buss Compressor -Not the waves one please) and the tape saturation with the settings from the pictures and you will be able to listen to the final mix through your system.

    In the folder "Pictures with Settings"you'll find pictures with the settings used on each of the sounds.

    There is a text file called "session notes" in which you will find the order of the plugins, you can use the pictures to recreate the sound ( this was mixed with gear and plugins so it's kinda imposibile to recreate the nonlinearities of the console and the gear used)

    The gear used among others was : SSL 4000 console, Neve 1081 EQ, Pultec EQP-1A, Focusrite Red3 Compressor, PCM42 delays, Bricasti M7 Reverb, Lexicon 480 Reverb, STA Level Limiter, 1176 Compressor, LA3A Compressor, LA2A Compressor, Sansamp PSA for bass,reamps are done using Orange and marshall amps with Bogner cabs and marshall 4X12 vintage cabs with microphones being used on the cabs - SM57 between the cap center and edge of the cap and an MD421 used on the edge of the cap set off axis. They don't sound great on their own but combined you get a nice midrange and just the right amount of fuzzy high end. The bass amp used for the reamp was an Ampeg SVT Pro I believe with a U87 microphone about an inch back from the cloth of the cab. The bass synth is actually the bass track going through melodyne and then exported the midi and triggered a synth to give me the lower octave. You should experiment by muting and un-muting this sound to see how much it contributes to the low end of the song, it's barelly audible but you miss it if it ain't there.

    I've left some errors in there just for the kicks of it...wondering if anybody will notice them :))

    As for the processed vocals...I apologize but I can't find the original files and besides that would kinda take this further than 44 tracks as of yet.

    Another thing to check out is the way I've submixed instruments to reduce the size of the session and to keep me from overprocessing everything :)

    This is the link to the song:

    Have fun!

    Unfortunately I can't post the link to the dropbox folder so if anybody want's the files let me know and I'll message you with the link. :)

    I did e-mail Shan and he'll probably embed the link into this thread but until them fell free to post in this thread and I'll send you a message through looperman with the link.

    Thank you!

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    Mahloo13 : Thu 13th Oct 2016 : 2 years ago I forgot to mention in the "processed files"folder there will also be the rendered effects like harmonizers, delays and reverb which as an experiment you can mute and unmute as the track is playing to hear the impact they have on the song.
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