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  1. 150060
    FutureAnalysis : Sat 8th Oct 2016 : 5 years ago

    hey everyone , how are you all ? its been a very very long time since i was On here ... LOL i been doing very well and keeping my self busy with workout, photography and i am still making music but not as much as i used to ... i Just wanted to pop by and let you all know that i have been uploading music here and there on Soundcloud... so if you want to check out more of my stuff. check me out at www.soundcloud.com/futureanalysis

    i hope everyone here at Looperman is also well and healthy !! take care

    Joshy , aka Future Analysis

  2. 671112
    Danke : Sat 8th Oct 2016 : 5 years ago

    hey FA

    good to hear you back...we need your super unique acapellas and works...your come back was the best news for me today...handshake, Danke

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