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    HarryHockjne : Mon 26th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Hey looperpeople,
    a few days ago I figured I was running out of ideas for melodies of my songs. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be kind enough to write some, and share the midi with me.

    My music is EDM-style, including House (Electro, Progressive) and sometimes Dubstep or Drum 'n' Bass, but mainly the 2 types of house.

    You can see the kind of style here:
    Crystals [Standard EDM]: https://soundcloud.com/dinky-mixy/crystals
    Beautiful Alien (with Rangel) [Electro House]: https://soundcloud.com/dinky-mixy/beautiful-alien
    Galaxy [Progressive House]: https://soundcloud.com/dinky-mixy/galaxy
    Tiger [DnB]: https://soundcloud.com/dinky-mixy/tiger
    Nostalgia [Dubstep]*: https://soundcloud.com/dinky-mixy/nostalgia

    Thanks for reading, and maybe helping out.
    Any questions, just write them for me.
    Any more info, just write it too.

    -Dinky Mixy
    *I didn't write Nostalgia myself, but it's the kind of Dubstep style I do :)

  2. 1317849
    Tripcore : Mon 26th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    You are the master snare builder! I never knew you did your own music as well...it was nice to hear some alternate snare work in your track galaxy

    Jim Yosef makes some cool music.. I like his tracks Forces, and the one he did with alex skindro, passion.

    I'm not much of a melody producer myself.. I only have a knack for selecting & matching good sounding melodies that the talented sound producers make.

  3. 1821349
    Wobbin : Mon 26th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Goodday Dinky :)

    Altho, I might not have the answer you are looking for.. (or perhaps I might, but that was not my first purpose)

    The tip i'd like to share is to always record/write down melodies as soon as they pop up. This might sound silly but often I get melody inspiration at all kind of moments. For example earlier this evening when I was watching a documentary about drugs vs life in Mexico, and the background music in Mexican guitar shizzle gave me an idea for a basic melody which can be adjusted. I hum it, or a version that I like to make from it into my phone for later use.

    Many moments like this occur but its only the matter of recognizing it and writing/humming it down somewhere. Even in human speech are certain melodies. I sometimes hear melodies at the weirdest happenings. A tip I've taken from DJ/Producer Nicky Romero is whenever starting a new song, and you got a melody quiet quick, never keep it that way but produce a few more basic sketches and save them for later. Only 15-30min extra approx. There are simply said bright days and lesser days when it comes to melodies and rhythm.

    Now, since I can never keep comments short (sigh), I can mail you some melodies that I actually found yesterday. About 20. I do not use "ready to use" melodies and they where in a big pack I downloaded. Furthermore can I direct you where I got them. They have very often free packs to promote their business with all kind of sounds.

    Send me your mail in PM and i'll send them over tomorrow :)

    - Wobbin

  4. 1574958
    HarryHockjne : Tue 27th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    @Wobbin: Done! :D

    @Tripcore This is off-topic but:
    Nah, Pluto's my favourite. :D I'm pretty sure it's his newest one [since I last checked] but Forces is good too! :D More Snare build soon.

  5. 1317849
    Tripcore : Tue 27th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    I checked out his track, it's not too bad.. my fav part was those breaks half way through, cheers

  6. 219480
    CelloCubano : Wed 28th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Im down to make you some melodies... Check out my loops see if you like my sound.. Let me know what you are looking for specfically and I'll make a few melody loops

  7. 1574958
    HarryHockjne : Wed 28th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    +CelloCubano It wasn't what I was looking for... but I like your stuff! If you would be able to send me some EDM style stuff (house, melodic dubstep) then i would be really happy.

    I don't mind how it sounds (big synths, plucks etc.) but if you could also pass me the midi that would be great.

    My email as I've said is :)

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