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Is EDM A Genre

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  1. 1127123
    Unknown User : Sun 25th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    I know this has been talked about several times (and more) on other sites. A lot of electronic music "experts" are going to snicker too and wonder, "why the hell are you asking such a stupid question?" However, I'm wondering if it's boom in the US and the rise of festivals in general have turned it from an encompassing term for genres like electronica, house, trance, and techno into a genre itself separate from previously said genres...

    If you believe EDM is a genre, please define and provide examples of EDM as a genre.

    If not, please state why.


    Can we be civil too btw? =)

  2. 1821349
    Wobbin : Sun 25th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    There are not much stupid questions in the world. People should question waaaaaaaay more in life IMO lol

    My opinion without going too far into detail about the origins and theory:
    EDM is a collective name under the main tab “Music” and consists out, i don't know exactly how many, but close to a hundred music genre's I guess including their subgenre's.
    It’s just a pyramid to keep things a bit structured and makes people ‘speak the same language’ more easily. Musical artists as well as the people listening/buying it.

    Examples of genre’s within EDM are house, electro, trance, techno, harddance, hardcore, dub, ambient and some more. Where each of these “Main Genres” again consists out of subgenre’s.

    Then the more interesting part of the topic for me :D
    So, why is “EDM”, or “Dance” as it is also often referred to in The Netherlands looking like it’s a genre on its own? I think it is not and pure the wrong perception from the person looking at it, rather then how its originally intended by the person stating it. In fact, I still have to come across the first person in my life who claims EDM is a genre on it own. Even tho I might be a producer only recently, I’ve been around in music for over 12years in various aspects.

    Again my opinion :)
    But shortly said: Easy, recognizable, media and marketing.
    You give a direction to it which is understandable for a huge audience. Within naming 1 mother genre, you’re able to reach out and “connect” to millions of people who all have their little preferences within the EDM’s main genre’s and their sub genre’s and thereby have the attention of the entire group instead of some of them. The media side is pretty obvious and talks about it since its upcoming. I think EDM is just a new way of saying dance music because we live in such a electronic era where pretty much everyone can produce it without real instruments at all. Besides, it sounds a bit ‘futuristic’ which may also have helped gaining likings for the name.

    Also, its easier to put on a CD, website, documentary, flyer, ticket etc. then to name 8 main genre’s and 21 subgenre’s. You need les text and can thereby can make it bigger and fancier to jump out.
    So while aiming at a bigger group, you’re also saving money, ánd, imo, being able to potentially máke more money. Naming it EDM can make things more open minded. If you would say House party, or EDM party, and have the exact same line up, exact same party, I’m pretty sure you’d end up with different results in sales and visitors. And let’s be honest, a good artists never plays 1 (sub)genre only. So it’s not that you are lying by any means. Do you eat your entire life only Italian food?

    Also, in some way music is hella confusing when it comes to subgenre’s. Things are not covered up completely by rules or laws. (thank god!)

  3. 1821349
    Wobbin : Sun 25th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    Now I think about it... In addition: EDM seems more of a world name for something that is slightly different in many countries. (e.g. Dance, Electronic dance, some countries or decades have named house as the mother genre)

    Its just something people take over when checking out how others name their things on the internet in order to be part of that 'club' to keep it recognizable.

  4. 1821349
    Wobbin : Sun 25th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    wait, now I read my comments again, it sounds like a lot of 'you'. I meant more as in a general approach and should have said more 'people' lol. It sounds now like i'm aiming directly towards the OP.

    Oke, there is a time to speak and a time to be silent. Spambot Wobbin > out.

  5. 1317849
    Tripcore : Mon 26th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    I sometimes use the term E.D.M. as a genre label when I can't figure out what genre a track is exactly - when they are not experimental or avant-garde enough to be labelled as those genres.

    I'm not a guru when it comes to genre's, but that's my take on it

  6. 1317849
    Tripcore : Mon 26th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    It's also a helpful term for people that are searching for dance-able electronic tracks, but don't necessarily know the specific names of all edm sub genres (who does?)

    Here is an example I made that is currently labeled as 'electronic' but it's closer to something that I consider to be E.D.M

    Tripcore - Go Wild

    It's kind of drum & bass sounding, but not quite imo..

    If someone can help define a genre or two for that track it'd be good too

  7. 1107661
    liftarn : Wed 28th Sep 2016 : 5 years ago

    EDM both is and isn't a genre in the same way as pop or schlager. It's just music that happens to be popular and commercially successful right now. So in that sense it's not a genre, but inevitably there is a specific sound to it as people copy from each other.

  8. 1411601
    Zorno : Mon 19th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    I guess its a headup-genre because every single musician does a bit of his own style by mixing a bit of this and that. Now you dont want to create a whole genre for everyone and just call its EDM, which just says its (E)lectronic (D)ance (M)usic. This can be Hardcore Techno as well as Dark Electro, mainstream dance music, aggrotech or even synth-pop (more or less).

  9. 1574958
    HarryHockjne : Tue 20th Dec 2016 : 4 years ago

    This is just my opinion: I class it is a genre, but I don't tend to use it much. I think of EDM to be the main genre of electronic music, so house, trap, dubstep, electro, prog.etc. all fits under it. I tend to though, when writing genres for my music, use something like 'house' that would fit under it. I only use EDM if I can't really classify it as something else, or it fits under more than one of those 'under' genres.

    This is the thing (with me at least):
    I use EDM (Electronic Dance Music) IF it's something like the 'under' genres, because they're disco/dance sort of songs.
    If it's not a dancey sort of song, but is some kind of funky -drum machine bass kick- -real-sounding snare- -laser pew x3- etc. with a little arp under it, and a real synth/keyboard playing a simple melody, then I'd class it as just E - Electronic, as it's not a get-up, dance, take it all in and groove music, it's more of a sit-down, listen carefully and analyse the beat pattern! :)

    Sorry for this long post, and again it's just my opinion, it's interesting to see what others think. :D

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