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    PapaNelson : Thu 15th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Alright, this maybe a controversial topic for some, or maybe even a straightforward one, but I would like to know the reasoning behind your opinion on whether you need/want drugs to create, or if you are against it, or if you're somewhere in the middle. Reason behind this post is that recently I had to take my best friend to the hospital because he decided to trip acid with some assholes for friends and had a complete mental breakdown. Probably one of the scarier experiences of my life. Anywho, one of the guys who gave my friend the acid was talking about how he "needed it" to create music because through lsd and only lsd could he "feel" music. And it got me thinking whether there was any truth to that, or if he was trying to make himself seem cooler because he took psychedelics. Anywho, what are your thoughts on drugs and music (very general question I know). Just let me know your thoughts (: Might be helpful to someone around here. Anywho, much love guys!

  2. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Thu 15th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    I prefer to stick to sober thoughts while creating haha. Too many of my friends have died from drug usage for me to have any support of it. Just my two cents.

  3. 1564425
    Rasputin : Thu 15th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    There have been studies on this. Drugs do indeed have the power to increase creativity... but ONLY IN THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAD TALENT TO BEGIN WITH.

    They will not induce creativity and talent in someone who doesn't have it. And the worst scenario is the musical aspirant who wants to be "the next Jim Morrison" or "the next Kurt Cobain", so he starts modeling his lifestyle after the same drug usage patterns and drugs-of-choice that those guys did.

    Also, if an artist is going to use drugs, he must also have people in his musical circle who remain "straight" and who have flawless, lucid technical ability. This is how the Beatles operated. George Martin said that the (later) Beatles were creative because they were out of their heads on pot and LSD, but also great because Martin himself was completely lucid and could translate their way-out ideas into something concrete.

    Kenny Rogers said he had used drugs, but he never ever used them on the day of a live performance; he said sure, get high the night before, but don't go onstage high.

    LSD, in my opinion-- and if it's pure quality lab-spec--- will cause freakouts only in those people who have not had enough introspection and/or psychological therapy to understand the mental changes that are befalling them. If there's some inner problem that you have long bottled up and refused to examine-- let's say, that you are adopted, or you had childhood abuse, or that your secretly homosexual, etc.---- then THAT'S the very stuff that will come up whilst on LSD... and potentially cause freakouts. Or if, as you say, you have friends that are assholes (filled with ego or violence or meanness or whatever).

    LSD can indeed produce some astonishing emotional changes in a person... but the person must be mature and sophisticated enough to make sense of what the drug is showing him.

    The great personal growth guru Alan Watts had a saying, regarding drugs: "Once you've gotten the message, hang up the phone." In other words, you are to absorb whatever learning a drug has to teach you... then you stop using that drug. And then rely on meditation and journaling and reading to amplify/explain the information you received on that drug.

    It is also my conviction that pot and LSD are definitely not party drugs. People who use them to freak-out at raves are misguided and wrongheaded. This is because, as I say, they bring up all matter of your deepest darkest core beliefs to be examined... which is serious business indeed.

  4. 1821349
    Wobbin : Thu 15th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    My opinion: One should do as one desires. Altho I hope people can/do make their choice themselves. Instead of having anyone or any example influence them.

    My experience: Drugs can have many different faces. Some create something that wasn't there (euphoric, happy, energetic, sad, afraid, whatever) the moment before taking it. While other types makes the way you feel just before using it, stronger in several ways.

    I have no experience with LSD.
    Pot on the other hand, can make me more sensitive throughout my entire body. 'Feel' the music, as you describe is something I can relate with pot. Tasting, feeling, touching, hearing. Everything gets often sharper and more sensitive.

    While I do not do drugs anymore for many years and thereby never produced when being influenced by it. I did created podcast mixes, or ideas for them when using pot. Just experimental. Not often, and not as in an addicted manor. But I did notice that it could give me a reflection on pretty much anything* from a different perspective. Quite fascinating.

    It does however verify by the type of pot. Not every type gives the same effect as many would know.

    * Could be ideas, issue solving, learning about myself, seeing sudden similarities etc.

  5. 1195092
    Couchie : Thu 15th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago


    Jackson Browne - Cocaine (the rehab version)

  6. 1936235
    Unknown User : Thu 15th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Drugs can inspire. Even a cup of coffee.. :-)

    Con is thinking you're great...
    But you're not... :-D

  7. 1821349
    Wobbin : Fri 16th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    And lets not forget that music itself is actually the biggest drug ever existed!

  8. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 16th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Here's a past thread on this topic, some interesting opinions
    People are always looking for a shortcut in life especially when their young, using drugs is a byproduct of this attitude, as I've stated before it's non sustainable and detrimental in the long run, why be afraid of yourselves and mask your persona in a veneer of drugged perception, discover the real you and your real abilities without artificial stimulus.

  9. 682631
    zighn : Fri 16th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    People who take drugs will use any excuse to take them. How can anyone take drugs and function to a level of creativity that is their full potential? Drugs do NOT unlock some mystery part of the brain that hold creativity, they do NOT suddenly turn you into a better musician and they do NOT make you play faster or more concise. They WILL however make you believe that all these things are happening to you and even make you defend them. Yes I have taken drugs so none of that I dont know what Im talking about. Lets face it.. Jimmy Hendrix wasn't really all that good and over rated when he was on LSD. it was different yeah but he even admitted himself that it was nothing more than a drug induced noise. Amy Winehouse was only a singer and that dont count. Singers are not musician but the reason I mention her is because look what happend to all them idiots. DEAD. So no, it doesnt make you a better player no matter what you think.

  10. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Fri 16th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Drugs have always been a part of the music culture. Its really a by-product of wealth and fame. Just another way to tap big money. The problem is, people are impressionable. We see our idols getting high and promoting this lifestyle and we want to emulate them. Regarding the idea that drugs can generate more creativity or enhance ones abilities, I have to say that's entirely false. This idea is only supported by those who sell or take drugs. The mind altering effects is somehow perceived as a positive thing which in reality is just the body being tricked into addiction. I have been a part of that scene before, have known many people who have fallen victim to it and have lost some friends and loved ones. Nothing good ever comes from it. You will never convince me to credit drug abuse for the accomplishments of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Rick James, Jim Morrison, Bon Scott, Jon Bonham, Phil Lynott, Steve Clark, Curt Cobain, Keith Moon, Kevin DuBrow, Sid Vicious, Lane Staley, Dee Dee Ramone, Robin Crosby, John Entwhistle, Jani Lane, Mike Starr, Paul Gray, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Jimi Jamison, Scott Weiland, Prince and many many others whose deaths were attributed to drug abuse or overdose.

  11. 1107661
    liftarn : Fri 16th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    I have tried to compose when drunk and the thing is that you may thing it's great when you do it, but the next morning you look at it and think "What shit is this?".

    On the other hand I can get some interesting ideas when I'm very tired and my brain start mixing things up. I have also had some good ideas early in the morning, when you're not quite asleep, but still not awake.

  12. 1936235
    Unknown User : Fri 16th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    @liftarn: The production of my little tunes, has different phases. Late at night, but also early in the morning.

    Besides the time i take searching for new artists, sounds and news from the music bizz.

    I have another view at my work. During my breakfast before I go to work, of late at night with some beer or wine... :-)

  13. 1564425
  14. 589130
    PeteTebar : Sat 17th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    I ate a gummy bear made with weed early this year and I thought I was Dave Pesado behind the screen. Hard to describe, but I was analyzing my mix and feeling it in my mind, rather than by ear and eyes. Look at me, now I'm starting to write like I'm high now XD. I don't experiment with drugs other than just coffee when I record and mix.

    I don't judge anyone that do drugs when producing music. Generally speaking, if it works for you then more power to you. In my experience, I felt my creativity and feelings were clouded and confused.

  15. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sat 17th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    There's a very simple connection between music/art in general and drugs and it seems to have fooled many people over the years.

    It's simply that people who are creative and trying to be imaginative and make new, interesting things are trying to go beyond what they currently hear, see or feel in order to experience something else, something more. Taking drugs can have a similar effect but will not really help you create anything.

    So, someone creative likes to use creativity to feel and experience more and actually create something. That same person may well also take some mind-altering substances at other times but not necessarily while trying to get actual work done. Of course the two can bleed into each other. You can't expect often undisciplined, haphazard creative people to be wonderfully ordered and have strict times for making things and then getting high.

    So, I'm sure people have come up with great stuff while very high. I've done things like riffed it up on guitar when very drunk late at night and recorded it. The next day the recorded result was pretty crap, with the timing all over the place. It was fun at the time but my altered state meant that I couldn't notice the poor timing.

    Perhaps my reactions were too slow to notice and I was just enjoying the overall vibe. Perhaps I was simply happy that I could manage to knock out something recognisable as a riff without falling off my chair and waking up the next day with my guitar still strapped on.

    I don't know but there's no way I'd specifically choose to get drunk (or similar) in order to come up with something better than when sober.

  16. 1287107
    urielopsy : Sat 17th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    En realidad cuando estoy high produzco unos temas muy sentimentales y eso que es TRAP o R&B para mi no es necesario consumir droga pero hay veces en las que simplemente estas en eses estado y tomas las riendas en el sonido.

  17. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sat 17th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    En ingles, por favor. Son las reglas de Looperman...

  18. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sat 17th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Ha ha Pete, never heard of gummy weed! Musta had some terrible after taste.
    Static, interesting to discover your not big on Lucy considering all the Psychedelic sounding stuff you do. I have experienced subtle hallucinations just listening to some of it !!!

    Just kidding bro. But seriously it might be interesting for you or someone else to actually do a test for us. Next time you slam a few pints of Guiness and then pick up the ol' Geetar, hit the record button !!!

  19. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sat 17th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago


    "all the Psychedelic sounding stuff you do. I have experienced subtle hallucinations just listening to some of it !!!"

    Cool. Hopefully one day I can induce a full on acid trip in you and have you crawling the walls of your house. Just as long as it doesn't end with you thinking you can fly and jumping out of the window. Remember: if you're tripping and you think you can fly, test it out first by trying to fly over the cushioned sofa, not from the second floor window with concrete below you.

    No, I've never been a drug person, partly because I've always had a very strong imagination and ability to see things in weird and ridiculous and far out ways.

    If someone wants to make their music more far out, I think they should just get more imaginative and immerse themselves more in the sounds. Then again, if someone doesn't have much of an imagination, I have no idea how they might develop one. Maybe learning about alternative schools of thought or absurdism or reductio ad absurdum logic and humour.

    I simply use far out sounds to inspire me to make more far out things. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, you can use a very earthy, gritty sound such as something with a very raw, acoustic sound to connect to that vibe and mood.

    On resonator guitar you get both the far out and psychedelic (high slide playing + reverb/delay) and also the dirty, earthy and gritty (acoustic, low slide playing).

    I think the didgeridoo is almost a perfect cross between earthy and far out. It has such a wonderful, natural low tone that sounds like it's part of nature. But it's also pretty far out and trippy. A truly spiritual sound.

    So I suggest people just try to connect deeply with whatever mood or vibe they're making and then ideas should flow.

    Have fun taking drugs and making music if you want to but you'll never really know if it was absolute rubbish until you listen back when you're not on those drugs.

    "Next time you slam a few pints of Guiness and then pick up the ol' Geetar, hit the record button !!!"

    I do slam a good few pints of Guiness every couple of weeks. Normally when I get back, I just do small music making things such as automation and tweaking stuff here and there as I know I won't really be up to any quality instrument playing.

    I could record and upload it but it'll probably just be out of time. It certainly won't be anymore more imaginative or far out than anything I can manage when completely sober.

  20. 1173131
    itsXseven : Sun 18th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    When you have "freedom of choice" you should do what gets you the best results. I say freedom of choice in quotation marks because of our goverments setting the general guideline (laws) that society is expected to follow. However, that's another discussion for another time.

    I'm a medical marijuana user, I use it for clinical insomnia and eating disorder. As well as pain remedy - as I used to be addicted to pain killers previously, I do my best to avoid them because the recommended dose never helps, and anything more I fear I'll catch that slight buzz again and go "yeah, I remember this!" When medicated (or high, if you will), I find I notice that every frequency is more predominate. It's far easier to mix & master, and produce when I use marijuana as I can hear the harmonious balance far easier, and it brings me great joy when I find the right sound - even if it takes 10 hours to obtain it. Apposed to when I am sober, I get frustrated when I can't find it. However, when I write lyrics, or am recording - 98% of the time I do this sober, well, as sober as I am on ADD medicine. I can't enunciate and move my lips quite as quickly when I take marijuana, so nearly every time I need to record, I'm only on my ADD meds, drinking water.

    However, when I have smoked a little too much, I make poor choices and end up thinking Tool sounds good with Eminem music. Not fused, or mixed together - no - playing at the same time. Such as Lateralus and Mocking Bird... Yeah, go ahead - try listening to those on two different youtube tabs, right now. It won't turn out well, at all. As far as harder drugs, especially such as LSD, or mushrooms for example - from what I hear - working on music while tripping balls, would probably be one of the worst experiences ever. Especially if you have a crappy computer then suddenly the program crashes and you didn't save - that sounds like a recipe for a broken computer & conflicting emotions to me lol

    To anyone else, I'd say this. Moderation is key. Start with the lowest dose, even less than what you would do to just relax, or start having a good time. Then see if you can function adequately. Some people's creativity is expanded with the usage of drugs, some experience their skill-set diminish whilst intoxicated.

    It's all a matter of your psyche, not what others say. If it seems like something to try, try it alone, moderating one session at a time. Space each session out with 2-3 days of recovery for your brain to return to normal function. It's your most valuable asset - don't ruin it because you THINK you need something you DON'T!

  21. 633717
    oneweek : Sun 18th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    I don't need nothing but to be tired.
    I create best when tired because it forces me to go with my gut and go with what i first heard in my head and being i want to sleep i go with it.
    The next morning i take a listen and it's perfect.

    But i also create the whole song in my head over a series of a week or more and the only real reason i make a audible version it to clear it out of my head and move on.
    I used to make them only for myself and delete the tracks later on.. but I had posted a few online and people liked em and now I post quite a few online and have fans and even got played on a Irish radio station once.
    But i still only release like 1 out of every 20 i make.
    yeah i'm wierd. :P

  22. 1564425
    Rasputin : Sun 18th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    Well yeah, on LSD your motor skills go out the f'ing window. Complex manual activity and sharp reasoning will be difficult at best. What IS useful and beautiful about this state-- if you navigate it wisely, maturely--- is the gorgeous spiritual elevation you feel. It will give you the realization that music is spiritual medicine, and that you had better "be your brother's keeper" and not give your listeners any vibes that you wouldn't want to have thrown at YOU, musically speaking.

    Nevertheless, in the LSD/hallucinogenic state, you may well get tones and chords that externally correspond to your heightened spiritual state... They certainly won't be fleshed-out songs by any means... just deep intuitions that rise up from your heart, throat and third-eye chakras. These intuitions are NOT fatuous and silly, you will feel their "rightness" and beauty even after you have thoroughly "come down".

  23. 1564425
    Rasputin : Sun 18th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    The LSD state is all about prayer and petition: You LITERALLY have to ask God, or the Universe, or whatever you call it, whatever you happen to believe in, Mother Nature, Allah, Krishna, whatever... to send you the HIGHEST MUSICAL VIBE HE/SHE/IT CAN POSSIBLY SEND YOU.

    You won't be disappointed: Ask and ye shall receive, and all that.

  24. 174317
    smallpaul : Sun 18th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    An excellent topic and one we have covered before and I hope to cover in the future as I never get bored of interesting 'drug' debates!! As Rasputin stated earlier drugs/ substances will not gift creativity but allow the subject to 'create' from a different perspective. I have never produced while under the influence (but I am not ruling it out, for the future!!) but I have listened to music and heard or perceived different nuances or parts of a tune or track that where not as obvious when sober. Certain substances definitely allow for a deeper introspective of oneself and in music for me personally anyway, however I would definitely not encourage anyone to take anything for the sole purpose of getting creative!! I am hoping to read more opinions and thoughts on the subject in later posts, this is just my personal opinion and addiction of any kind is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

  25. 1378797
    GregVincey : Tue 20th Sep 2016 : 3 years ago

    I haven't tried drugs before, but to use it to be more creative or feel music more is a pretty dumb excuse to get high. If you like drugs, and you for yourself want to take drugs, by all means do it. If it's not your thing, and you'r doing it to please people, stop. Walk away. As soon as they make eye contact with you, duck, roll, army crawl out of there.

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