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  1. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Fri 9th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    Hello loopers,

    So I've promised some tutorials, unfortunately free time is a luxury nowadays for me, but I did manage to get some videos rolling and I try and respond to a lot of questions I've received over the past months.

    First video is up:

    NOTE: There are some things that will change in the following videos, the watermark won't be there anymore and the audio quality will improve. The PC I've used to make the video kinda crapped out as it's an older PC we use for editing and it didn't like audio drivers and screen recording. Anyways hope you can get something out of it. The following videos are being processed but it takes some time. I'll upload the thread as I manage to export them.


  2. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Fri 9th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    Awesome! Thank you Mahloo!


  3. 1
    Looperman : Fri 9th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    it would be better to post one video per thread with a relevant title and then ill make that video appear at the top

  4. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Sun 11th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    I'll do that Shan! Thanks in advance! Uploading video #2 as we speak.

    Loopers feel free to ask questions, make sugestions etc.

  5. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Sun 11th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    Suggestion #1: Tut on making electric guitars sit correctly in a full mix.

  6. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Mon 12th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    @bradosanz - there will be talk about levels of different instruments but to be honest as you'll see it's all about listening and setting your levels accordingly. In the next videoI'll dissect the mix and talk about setting levels and what to listen for when setting certain levels.

    Anyways video 2 is up. I do give some tips regarading preproccesing your tracks and track management so feel free to check it out.

  7. 828980
    phatkatz4 : Mon 12th Sep 2016 : 2 years ago

    Thanks for the videos, been checking them out B-)

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