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  1. 1378558
    HaNez : Sun 4th Sep 2016 : 1 year ago Hey everyone!

    Just wondering if any of you fellow loopers do any promoting or such?

    Let me know :)
  2. 1821349
    Wobbin : Sun 4th Sep 2016 : 1 year ago If you consider social media like Soundcloud and Youtube as promoting. Then yes i do :)

    Any other? No.
    Yea well Looperman haha but not anything else.
  3. 1378558
    HaNez : Sun 4th Sep 2016 : 1 year ago E-mail me :)
  4. 1821349
    Wobbin : Sun 4th Sep 2016 : 1 year ago E-mail me ?
  5. 1378558
    HaNez : Sun 4th Sep 2016 : 1 year ago Send me an email, let's discuss some things
  6. 1317849
    Tripcore : Mon 5th Sep 2016 : 1 year ago I promote good music ()
  7. 1084446
    syncdiversity : Tue 4th Oct 2016 : 1 year ago 1. Social Media, like facebook, VEVO, soundcloud youtube etc...
    2. Sending demos to dj's, radio shows...
    3. Sending demos to danceclubs, cafe's
    4. The labels who we are signed to are promoting us in dance charts.
    5. I often go out to local clubs and present a demo cd to the owners or the djs.
    6. Important for promoting your music is collaborating with other artists. try to find remixers those people will share your name too. it is a win win situation. here on looperman for example. There are a lot of talented artists here. collab is just a win win situation for both parties.
  8. 1056324
    DaFreyzaz : Mon 30th Jan 2017 : 11 months ago yep i do promotion.
    look my up at "Repost Dominion". We have multiple channels and if you message us, we can repost to all of them.
    we expect a little bit of support back in return.
  9. 498019
    Tumbleweed : Mon 30th Jan 2017 : 11 months ago If you play live and people like what you do promo is easy (at least on a regional basis) and connections seem to be easier too...if you dont....good luck....TW
  10. 2036467
    saintpetejackboy : Fri 3rd Feb 2017 : 11 months ago I was often wondering about promotion too. I've come about as far as I can on my own over the years and I've got to the point now where I'm trying to focus on generating sales through iTunes, etc.;

    BUT, I will say, a GREAT promo idea/trick, and feel free to use this, is get a business card printed out with a QR Code on it. You can generate them for free, but the QR Code, for example, can link to your website, Soundcloud, whatever, then when you meet people, in person, you have an easy way to interface them with your digital presence.
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