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Teenage Engineering PO-20 Review

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    CorruptionEDM : Sun 14th Aug 2016 : 2 years ago

    Hello Looperman community!

    I recently acquired a piece of hardware by Teenage Engineering from their pocket operator line, and since there are not a ton of reviews on the particular model, I'll go ahead and outline some of the pros and cons I have found with my brief use with it so far. And skip down to the bottom to listen to an example of what you can make with it!

    > First and foremost, the price is incredible for what you get. For only $59.00, it's a great deal.
    > The sound bank is fairly versatile, with many different retro gaming sounds that are sure to appeal to electronic music producers.
    > The chord feature helps to quickly add a more personal feel to the sounds that you create
    > While this is practically an open circuit board, I have found that it is robust enough that I wouldn't worry too much about build quality (although the case they sell for it would be ideal if you want to keep this thing working in the long run).

    > Despite the ability to edit each sound, after a while the soundbank can begin to sound repetitive. However, I am sure you would have to create hundreds of different patterns before you would get to the point that you couldn't work with it anymore!
    > The inability to copy patterns is a real fly in the ointment, as it would greatly save time in creating multi-pattern pieces.

    All in all, this is a great addition to my studio that I will be sure to utilize in future songs!

    Amazon Link (US):

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