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  1. 1312598
    PriorityBeats : Fri 1st Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    I think I can truely speak for the looperman community when I request that we only should upload loops that are high-quality sounds. It helps the production flow much more smoother. We all use loops for various productions however the more lower quality loops that are uploaded will over-kill any high-quality loop because it seems that there are less and less high-quality loops being uploaded due to the increased amount of poor quality loops. Now while these terms (poor quality, low quality, and high quality) are clearly opinionated by me... I am almost 99% positive as a producer and a composer we all understand and know what a bad loop sounds like. You know... Loops that you create that EVEN YOU would not put it in your track. Loops like that need to be trashed and stored in your recycled bin and then emptied out for permanent removal. HELP OUT your fellow Looperman members by reducing the amount of trash loops PLEASE!!!!

    I am done lol feel free to visit my page and download my loops! IF they are trash let me know. I'll be the first one to gladly consider it and remove them if they really are but from my understandings... the downloads speak for themselves.

  2. 691199
    Modnex : Fri 1st Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    The loops on this website are absolutely free. With that in mind, you should be thankful anyone is uploading anything for you to use. For you to sit there and demand people to upload loops to your quality standards is just absurd and makes you come off as an ungrateful douche bag. The users who upload loops here do not get anything in return. Literally nothing. In fact, they lose more than anything, as people can use these loops in commercial and non commercial projects. Which means, other people can literally make money off of your work and they don't even have to say thank you!

    I find it very funny that people have the audacity to sit there and criticize things they are literally getting for free. You have absolutely nothing to lose in the whole ordeal, while the people who are uploading these sounds have everything to lose. You should show more appreciation, instead of writing rants about people who are helping you out. If you don't like a loop, don't download it, it's as simple as that. Do not make an entire forum post which consist of a rant about your ungratefulness to those who gave and didn't ask you for anything, it's ridiculous.

  3. 1574958
    HarryHockjne : Fri 1st Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    @Modnex Totally agree with you. I make a few simple loops for fun and post them here for others to use, and find it totally ridiculous for someone to go and criticise people that give free things for anyone to use. Maybe my loops are rubbish, but there is no need for someone to pretty much shout out at someone that their loops aren't to mainly one guy's expectations.
    How do you define 'trash loops' anyway? Unless they've just been posted, I'm sure all loops have at least a few downloads and have used somewhere, so I wouldn't really call any loops trash.

    But that's an opinion.
    -Dinky Mixy

  4. 189474
    ImproveWithError : Fri 1st Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    +1 Modnex great points, this is the typical entitlist attitude that is slowly eroding our society, always wanting,always taking, never grateful, and never thanking. Sad world we are living in. Just my thoughts and observations though.

  5. 1312598
    PriorityBeats : Fri 1st Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Lol Well considering I cant take back what I said. I agree with you all. At the end of the day it was a rant. Probably wouldn't have posted it if I reread it lmao but hey I'll take this L.

  6. 1378797
    GregVincey : Fri 1st Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    @RicoBeatz Do realize this is a community for open minded music creators, beginners in music or other endeavors. All are welcome here. So what if you have mad downloads bruh. Is there a race?

  7. 1754224
    milesatdenver : Sat 2nd Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    "hey i know you are giving me this loop for free but its just not good enough why bother even uploading it? Make better ones for me to take!!!" you know how ridiculous you sound? change your producer name to MeekMillBeats cause you taking L's

  8. 1889242
    SupaFreakshow : Sat 2nd Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Some of the best loops ever created sound like shit! James Brown's Funky Drummer was a total flop and I still like busting it out! haha. You're not a douche bag, we all spew out the mouth when we feel the where are my 8-tracks?

  9. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sat 2nd Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    I've never uploaded a loop but have used many. I always end up having to massage them in some way to fit my project but its usually better than starting from scratch. Everyone should understand that those who choose to contribute to the community do so with good intentions and do so to the best of their ability. There's always going to be a range in terms of quality based on peoples ability. In which case we understand we will accept the bad (or mediocre) with the good. Look at it this way, its all part of the fun or challenge to find that one loop that really makes the difference. It can be a frustrating experience when you work for hours and come up empty but that could also be a matter of you being way too picky. In which case you either need to lower your expectations or learn to create your own music and move on to the next level so to speak.
    We love to bust people balls that start threads like this but I have to give you props for your second post in retrospect. Way to go Rico. Have some patience bro and hang with it, believe me, many have felt your pain.

  10. 630386
    Unknown User : Fri 8th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Still there is a better way at going about this. Blanket broad stroking folks is like telling them they stink but you offer no solutions, only criticism. Your thread title sounds a bit like what the DONALD would of said. I produce loops in over one dozen different genres. Along the way I have also helped other people in their efforts. Encouragement can take both parties pretty far, the giver and the receiver as I have found out over the decades. Try to be a bit more positive, for instance you could host a loop competition where you give pointers and tips which helps build up those you fallaciously criticized here.

    If you are not satisfied with the free loops here you can always purchase your Loops from one of the many advertisers and vendors here. So yeah, you got good download numbers but your loops can really only be used for fun because they lack a root key which is something that is very crucial when preventing a clashing musical salad sound. Also, a lot of your loops are laden with heavy reverbs, fxs and echos which is why I dropped Nexus. Now about your alias, well when you have a name that ends in "beatz" you are supposed to have some actual real beats (drum loops). Where are the drum loops of yours? Those are beats too you know.

    At some point everyone thinks they are hot with their slice of the music universe at their fingertips but they are not. You really need to work with others and learn from others as others might also learn from you. Most real producers could not work with an out of key producer like you on a collab project unless they got a few tricks of their own while carrying most of the project on their back. What can you really do for someone's music while keeping things in key? Probably nothing, so your loops would all qualify as trash because they are totally unusable by any serious or seasoned musician or producer. It is like having mayo on french fries, or mustard on a steak, or coffee and a dog biscuit. Bon Appetit!!! Imagine if loop kits were all sold out of key. Who could buy such a thing.

  11. 1430167
    wordybum : Fri 8th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    a few things...

    1: you weren't always a good musician. you started out bad and got better as time went on. you did this by getting your music out there and getting feedback. i would imagine the same is happening on this site.

    2: give feedback, whether it's good or bad. don't shit on people's visions. give them your outlook or insight on what YOU hear from THEIR music.

    3: there is no such thing as bad music, just matters of opinions. and it's OK to have an opinion, just be mindful the COMMUNITY you are voicing yours in.

    4: It's all love, baby. - Jimi Hendrix.

  12. 1136845
    bbyrno : Fri 8th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    @josephfunk if you read a couple posts down from the original you'll see ricobeatz pulled off something SO incredibly rare in ANY community, online or not....
    he a p o l o g i z e d... sort of... I mean, at the end of the day, he realized how ungrateful his demand for "quality" came across, he stuck his tail between his legs and went out on a limb to show his face again here, explaining it was a thoughtless rant... ok ok i'm paraphrasing -but still, I think its what he meant -and it took a lot of.. something.. to do it, imo. I'm not entirely sure your "rant" goes without its proper dose of utter irony, as your ragging on him doesn't necessarily fit your specs for positive social reform, but nonetheless you have your opinion(s), depending... I wanted to point out one thing regarding said opinion(s): you sweep your hand quite confidently and sternly across the genre's said "obvious" landscape, but your viewpoint, however common, isn't the only way to see it, case in point I'm totally against "tuned" samples, I am interested in the coincidences that make a sample ten times more than what it was or what was expected just from my little brain-- when a sample isn't "tuned", its the overtones you hear, depending on the volume - its the "s" of the end of one word and the "t" at the beginning of another; its the fifth and flat seventh of the chord that makes it all of a sudden in that moment feel like theres a whiff of a diminished subtext to the track...
    yeah... I don't know why people try to make songs sound "exactly how it sounds in my brain!" Personally I'm trying to get AWAY from that -- I hear what my brain sounds like all day long....!!.. anyways... peace to you.. and to this amazing community... one of my absolute favorites on the web, I loooooove everyone here... SO GRATEful for this precious resource, thank you thank you THANK YOU xxoxxoxox

  13. 1889242
    SupaFreakshow : Fri 8th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Yeah, I was starting to feel bad for the dude. Got a little rough.

  14. 1312598
    PriorityBeats : Sun 10th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Lol this thread still is funny because I sounded ridiculous but hey we all are human. Like I said I realized my mistake and tried to fix it but this website has no delete button on these threads sooooo my bad? lmao Much love to everybody who gave their opinion and will continue to do so. I value it and trust me I appreciate this community more than it may seem.

  15. 1889242
    SupaFreakshow : Sun 10th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Word up, Rico. I saw that and gave you a Get Out of Jail Free card a while ago. Can't wait to see where this thread goes next! It's a good lesson though. My dumb ass relies on spellcheck and undo like a mofo...this site has neither. I'm screwed.

  16. 1378797
    GregVincey : Sun 10th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Uhh I love it! This thread was brutal.

  17. 1378797
    GregVincey : Sun 10th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    No deleting your comments lol, that's cheating, we need the real. That is what I like about this community. You say something there's no turning back ^-^

    Spell check do work on here bruh! If you see the a red line under the word you are trying to spell, right click on it to see the list of spellings :)

  18. 1889242
    SupaFreakshow : Sun 10th Jul 2016 : 5 years ago

    Haha...sweet, I'm only half screwed!

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