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  1. 1887991
    eSoreni : Wed 29th Jun 2016 : 6 years ago

    Hi to all of you amazing musicians out there. I've been working with many of you outside of the loop which is an absolute fun experience. I get to work with many who have beautiful talent. As I just got into this in May, I didn't know where any of this was going to go. Well, it is going farther than what I anticipated. I had to think things through a bit. Although I am not a professional in singing or music composition, I want to present myself professionally to the world.
    My username on the loop is currently Maddie, short for Madeline, but I don't like using that any of the two names for music. So, in the near future, I will be changing it to eSoreni (this name includes part of my first name and my middle name backwards). All of my social media sites (in progress) will be under eSoreni. I just wanted to give heads up for those who are working with me, others who are considering it, and for those who have no clue who I am.

    Please keep up shining your light here on the loop because I believe there are so many blooming musicians/singers out here that deserve to be noticed.

    aka eSoreni

  2. 589130
    Unknown User : Wed 29th Jun 2016 : 6 years ago

    I love it. Very clever of you to mix it up. Welcome aboard eSoreni, I am very glad to have made your acquaintance. I look forward to hearing more of your music and voice.


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