Joseph Funk Said I Use His Music

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  1. 1378797
    GregVincey : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Okay! So I'm on soundcloud. And I see messages from Joseph Funk like this:

    Joseph Funk
    "You have used my music without my permission. I reported you to the admin on looperman."

    Joseph Funk
    "Several of your tracks contain samples created by Joseph Funk. I want them all removed."

    Joseph Funk
    "I reported you to the admin on looperman for multiple copyright infringements."

    Joseph Funk
    "Please take down any songs you created using my loops. I will pursue legal action and have them all removed by force."

    Joseph Funk
    "If you don't remove your tracks within 24 hours then I will report this crime, and you will get a visit by the cops etc. I don't think, you want to experience that."

    Okay! Just a note; I have never In my life downloaded samples or loops from the internet. And for this guy, to even have the audacity, to threaten me for my own music is ridiculous.

    I use only stock fl studio samples and synths, and I have my own ideas. So please stop making these false statements, because its annoying.

  2. 1378797
    GregVincey : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    This is my track. Original ideas. Joseph Funky is claiming I use his loops, and samples:

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    It sounds like someone is impersonating him, in an effort to claim samples that he has shared as their own work. Though I could be wrong. All loops which are uploaded to Looperman are free to use, and thus there is no claim to ownership of them.

  4. 1378797
    GregVincey : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    I don't think so bro. This is his soundcloud profile:

  5. 720551
    Cologino : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    spiv might be right on this one. Joes been here for a while, knows the rules well too. Doesn't sound like him at all. I think the real joe would also have tracks on his page cuz he makes music constantly. Just my opinion.Im sure it'll work itself out.nice song as well.

  6. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    If that was his profile, then there would be music available on it. Check your facts before assuming things.

  7. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    He also, does not go by "Joseph Funk" as far as I have ever known. It is a defamation, or an effort to claim copyright over the original creator, who gave his samples for free.

  8. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Strange. The soundcloud link on Joe's LM profile is the same as Greg's. Is that really Joe? lol


  9. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    I'd suggest messaging Joe yourself and sorting it out, Greg. For all we know that could just be an impersonator.


  10. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    His SC may have been hacked. I've seen his SoundCloud before and he used to have a ton of followers and a lot of music uploaded there. Who knows.

  11. 951439
    Evisma : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Manny Arquette has been impersonating Joe online for a while. Ignore it, Gregg. Just block him. You won't be blocking Joe.

  12. 1720743
    krispy4 : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    definitely an impersonator. I've seen his posts on other people's songs off looperman

  13. 672953
    Ozzz : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Spiv, I see you old dogs on Looperman still unconditionally jumping the gun for each other against the small guys regardless of right or wrong. Stop patronizing, and you're the one making assumptions.

    Greg, Joe's a top guy and one of the few long time Looperman members that doesn't need a kick to the head. You should of dropped him a message before going public. Never too late.


  14. 1378797
    GregVincey : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    If this is the link to the real Joe's looperman profile: Check out the souncloud link. It's the exact same link as the soundcloud profile that send me those messages.

    I did send a message too both Joe's looperman, and soundcloud account. Still waiting.

  15. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Ozzi, I said " Though I could be wrong" and "as far as I have ever known." These are things which admit that I may be wrong about what I am saying, and what I have said is in no way patronizing. The recommendation to "Check your facts before assuming things," is good advice in any public discussion, and is also not patronizing. If I am wrong, and this is Joe Funktastic, then I am fully ready to admit that. I honestly don't care, however if this is because of someone impersonating a Looperman member in order to defame him or break the law, then that is a different story, regardless of who is involved.

  16. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    His Soundcloud and Looperman account have probably both been hacked. He used to go by MrJoeFunktastic on both sites, and both are changed now. None of the songs which are present on the Looperman profile are available on soundcloud now. It all adds up to an attack.

  17. 672953
    Ozzz : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Spiv, no it doesn't. There thousands of worthy conspiracies out there to ponder about and are arguably real but by all means this isn't one.

    I know you're a theory lover, and Joe's accounts hacked in tandem is a theory. A theory as silly as the "multiverse". All Joe wanted was his name stamped on Grey song.


  18. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    another one of these.... Manny Arquette is on soundcloud impersonating looperman users causing all this fuss. He's banned from looperman. Block and report him, really simple....

  19. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sat 28th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    This thing has gotten way out control. First Greg, you have been scammed by Manny Arquette. He is banned here and had begged me to help him get back on this site. If hacker ever says he is me demand that he send that same message while logged into this site. My logo and artwork was stolen and he is posing as me. I got an open call ticket with Soundcloud. I thought I could shake him with my name change, apparently not. This is his twisted sick way of getting back at Looperman because he is banned while terrorizing its members through soundcloud posing as me. Do you your homework people. I had over 2,000+ followers but I had to shut my account down due to sick comments he made on my songs. If I ever had issue with anyone here I'd use the internal system here and not soundcloud. If anyone gets conned again ask the imposter to message you here on this site and not on SC.

    Looperman please leave this up, thanks.

  20. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 29th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Thanks Joe for speaking up! This is exactly what I assumed had happened after getting harassed by the same person on soundcloud.

  21. 951439
    Evisma : Sun 29th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Dang, Joe. You really need to clear your inbox. 1400+ emails! That would drive me MAD!

  22. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sun 29th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Mr E:

    I'm going to send you 1400 emails asking you to help me get back into Manny Arquette's house. He's changed the locks and blocked the front drive so I'm wondering if you can help me find another way in.

    Dig a tunnel?

    Skydive down the chimney?

    Hitch a ride with Santa Claus?

  23. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Sun 29th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Hey static, being a cat has its advantages ;) I'm hunting for a way in now, after I poo in his shoes and piss on everything I'll unlock the front door for you. That should save you writing 1400 emails looking for a way in.

  24. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sun 29th May 2016 : 6 years ago


    That's a lovely idea and could save me a load of email hassle. But you really need to get me back in as I've been blocked from Manny's house and I can't stand it. I've been emailing people over and over again but no one will help.

    Maybe you can crawl in through the cat flap, do your dirty business, and then figure out a way to jump up and open the door. Do you think can manage to jump up and turn the handle? Maybe I could give you a piece of rope which you could attach to the handle to turn it. But can you tie knots? If not, let me know, and I'll give it to you pre-tied.

  25. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Sun 29th May 2016 : 6 years ago

    Getting some feline friends together now. We're going to piss everywhere, cats can be such evil little bastards. I can open doors by jumping up and snagging the handle. So emails and and harrassment hasn't got you back in? hmm what's wrong with people anyway, I mean don't we all miss Manny and his s&^$? ;) I'm jealous, he only messaged me about 50 times before I reported and blocked him. I guess he really, really likes Joe. That's right Manny, I know you can read this, I'm coming to poo in your shoes and bringing friends!

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