I Need Help With Finding Good Tutorials For Ableton Live 9

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    Davidgotskill : Sun 8th May 2016 : 2 years ago I need tutorials for Ableton tutorials with audio effects, midi effects, and the most confusing one, instruments... I need help with mostly chords with midi effects, and most of audio. Ive read Ableton Live 9 Power! so i basically know the basics. Whats bad is that Suite is sooooooo expensive and im limited with the lite version... So much money these days for plugins and packs and DAWS!
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    theHumps : Sun 8th May 2016 : 2 years ago Here is an older video for Live's software instruments. It is put up by Ableton. Go through their channel and see if there is anything that helps you with the Lite version.


    Live Suite is expensive, yes it is. You get a lot of instruments, effects, packs and with Max you can design your own plugins. And nothing is better than free updates for life, that alone is worth the $550 US I paid for it. Besides, this daw does it all.

    Saddle up cowboy, pay the man, enjoy the daw! Sitting back using the Lite version complaining on the forums won't get you a whole lot of sympathy. My first daw was Cool Edit Pro, no midi capabilities at all and I loved it.
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    Planetjazzbass : Sun 8th May 2016 : 2 years ago You've been peppering the forums with requests for Ableton videos and plenty of people have responded including me, your main beef is how expensive it is well here's a news flash making music is expensive! it always has been it always will be, do you see people getting on the forums and complaining about how much a 64 Stratocaster costs or how the second hand price of a Manley massive equalizer is $4,400. If I thought it would do any good I'd complain as well!!.....this is the 21st century there's a little thing called Google, try it.
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    Unknown User : Mon 9th May 2016 : 2 years ago You told me in the other thread that you posted that dubspot makes the best tutorials. What I heard in this description is that you really need some serious classes and training and an Ableton collaborator that you also requested may not have the patience or time for you either. What you are asking for is to get ramped up quickly and to also get infused with knowledge and experience while really missing out on how things really work in Ableton. There are full Ableton courses online. In the meantime why don't you just download the 1 month trial of the full version and see if it is really for you and then drop the cash for a full license one you determine it is for you, because it is an investment into your music. You cannot do what you want to do for cheap and quickly on Ableton Live. Maybe Magix Music Maker quite possibly.
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    Spivkurl : Mon 9th May 2016 : 2 years ago I'm sure that there is also a forum devoted to Ableton. Interacting on there might help you learn all that you need to know.
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    theHumps : Mon 9th May 2016 : 2 years ago Make sure you have the box in the bottom left corner of Ableton activated/displayed that shows the info of whatever your cursor is on. With that being displayed, anywhere your cursor is stopped that display box will tell you what that parameter or control does.

    When you open up an "instrument" and select a preset instrument within that instrument, almost all the numbers and controls you see can be adjusted. As there are countless variations that can be made within that instrument you can sit for hours with one instrument, turning the knobs and buttons while hundreds of sounds are produced.

    I'd recommend looking to find the videos on yt that pertain only to the instruments supplied in your version of Ableton. Get on Ableton and spend time on it, there is a lot to learn and it won't happen overnight. I really doubt you've exhausted Lite's capabilities in a handful of months. There are a bunch of sites to download plugins that work with it.

    There are a bunch of people who use Ableton here. Ask specific questions and most times someone can help.
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    Davidgotskill : Mon 9th May 2016 : 2 years ago TheHumps, i cant do much more but clip, Others, ill just go onto Ableton forum. Thanks. This is a community i want to be a part of. Thx for the comments!
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    Davidgotskill : Mon 9th May 2016 : 2 years ago and i wanted u guys to just post some tutorials. I wanted this to be a forum so people can look up the tutorials
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    theHumps : Mon 9th May 2016 : 2 years ago Did you watch the video of the link I provided? Did you go through Ableton's channel looking for vids? Did you watch any of the videos on the right? The Willits tutorial and his series "What you talking 'bout Willits?" is great. What did you think of those? Midi mapping and looping and how to set up external controllers. Tom Cosm puts out interesting vids. Click on that one, watch it and watch some more of his.

    Put some effort in, watch some videos, get on Ableton, stop the vid and try what they are doing on your computer. The problem is that you have a partial version and many of the vids we will post links to may not pertain to your version. We can point you in the direction but you have to take the initiative to find vids for the lite version. You tube tutorials are worth their weight in gold. Learn to use that search bar.
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    Davidgotskill : Thu 12th May 2016 : 2 years ago again, i wish this was a big chat but nevermind. All is left is to upgrade my DAW so... Thanks audio world.
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