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    Looperman : Sun 20th Mar 2016 : 1 year ago Its been a very long time since I've had the time in my life to look at adding anything new to the site.

    I now have a window of time to put a few things in motion. I'll also hopefully have another person to hand to implement new features and updates.

    With that in mind this morning I've taken the first steps in creating a new section of the site dedicated to collaboration.

    I dont have any plans for this to be any type of online DAW or anything that advanced but more a space to post requests and find others to work with. The initial aim is to get something up and running and then build on it as we go along.

    There is no timescale as to when it will be ready. When its ready enough it will appear.

    Once it does become a reality all collaboration posts from the forums will be imported into the system and that section of the forums will be closed.

    As always I'm open to your suggestions as to what you would like to see in this new section.
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    deopi : Sun 20th Mar 2016 : 1 year ago Hi,
    Thanx for this as it will probably be very useful for a lot of looperman users and lighten the forum.

    My first idea would be to split the collab demands in section such as : Posts adressed to : Singers / Producers / Sound engeeners / Lyricists... or any classification that would allow fast searching collab & that forces a bit collab demands to be clear enough.

    The second idea is an option to close this collab request (or thread) as soon as needed (maybe delete it to gain space and readability as old demands make no sense to read).

    The third idea would be not to limit the genre request as some projects & requests may be cross-genre.

    I guess you already thought about all of this but it's what comes in my mind when i think about this new section.

    Thanx a lot Sir!
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    Observe : Mon 21st Mar 2016 : 1 year ago Thank you so very much for improving the site Mr. Looperman.

    I think one of the best additions to the site would be communications through the form of am Instant Messaging system. It would boost the ability to communicate with one another during a colab 10 fold while at the same time keeping the focus on the site itself. Forums threads are a great starting point for one another to connect, communication in the end becomes a handful when navigating to and fro from emails and threads. Having simple IM system would beyond helpful not only to the site but to the people who use it.

    Just my two cents, hope it makes some sparks fly.
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    phatkatz4 : Mon 21st Mar 2016 : 1 year ago I like the idea of vocalist (singer/rapper) needed, producer needed, sound engineer, categories I guess you could go on forever with individual categories but just a few general ones would be good to help ease in searches.
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    SoleilxLune : Mon 21st Mar 2016 : 1 year ago I support ideas of Observe and deopi.

    I think it would be useful if the user who creates the thread can delete it when he thinks he got what he wanted. I mean, deopi is right, and there are a lot of old threads (from months or even years).

    Another way to improve collabs, is allowing a way to share loop midi files here on LM. Of course, the midi files must be original work and royalty free. I mean, suppose that someone has no a good strings vst (for example), this user can upload the midi and if another user has a good vst, he can collab with the user who requested the instrument.

    Just an idea. I'd really like to help.
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