AD Keys Window Does Not Fit

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    Zergmazter : Wed 2nd Mar 2016 : 6 years ago

    Has anyone encountered a problem in which the addictive keys window doesn't fit in the FL studio window, making you unable to tweak settings on the bottom of the screen?

    I never noticed this because I was using FL studio native plugins to tweak my mix, but I decided to give XLN's plugin a shot and found out about it.

    Is there a way to resize the windows if anyone knows?

    XLN's customer service is a little slow. I don't know if they ever reply. Never found anything in my junk or mail folder.


  2. 1392969
    Zergmazter : Wed 2nd Mar 2016 : 6 years ago

    Oh I hate it when I do this, but it didn't come to before that you could just select 'detach' on the fruity wrapper...

    This way I can make use of the whole screen. Well this post is no longer a question, but a tutorial I guess lol.

    If you darn plugin does not fit go to the arrow on the top left of the fruity wrapper and select detach. Problem solved.

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