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    dawdie : Wed 24th Feb 2016 : 6 years ago

    Hey guys! My name is Dawood Nadeem (arabic for David) and I have been using looperman 24/7 for about 3 months now, its been amazing, I started learning to make beats about a year ago and only got serious right about now and I have around 100 youtube subscribers and 66 soundcloud followers. What I wanted to tell everyone is that I am now on contract to a small rap group Called Wise Money Entertainment and I am being paid $100 a month to produce 3-4 beats a month for the group.

    Any idea on how I can get more exposure?

  2. 1392969
    Zergmazter : Thu 25th Feb 2016 : 6 years ago

    Did you play the piano in your songs? If you did that's a plus.

    Well there are many ways to get exposure, but I only know a few. I am a keyboard player, and also a music producer. For me to get exposure I would join or make a band, then begin gigging around.

    Don't play a traditional instrument? No problem, then become a dj/producer, and go gigging around. I bet you'll make more than 100/month. Better yet you get to keep your songs, and play them anywhere. I don't like selling my songs like that specially if it's 3-4 songs for 100 bucks.

    Make friends with anyone you can while gigging. You never know who works for a radio station or something. You might start getting business to produce music for them.

    This is what I'm doing. I will release in about 1-2 months our first single for exposure, and keep releasing on a monthly basis. We will begin gigging shortly after release. Got more songs just they won't be released yet. Also will be working on an online fan base or there won't be any point to releasing anything.


  3. 1280030
    Fl4zh : Thu 25th Feb 2016 : 6 years ago

    Well keep doing what you do, and keep being original.
    That will make you come far :).

  4. 1173131
    itsXseven : Fri 26th Feb 2016 : 6 years ago

    Greetings fellow Ontarian.

    Glad to hear you're making progress with your career. I have yet to get anywhere profitable, mostly due to the fact I'm slacking. I'm focused on other things mostly.

    With that $100 a month, if it remains solid you can launch a website and run it for $20/mo or so and either pocket $80 or use that $80 for marketing campaigns on social media/popular music sites. It's always wise to invest in yourself when you have the extra income to do so!

    If you decide to put up a website, you can work harder and write up contracts/lease agreements and take it to the next level. That is assuming that you're not solely obligated to produce ONLY for the music group you're in. With an adequate website up it'll give you a professional image (and another thing to promote, but once you center your work around the website you'll notice traffic coming in that you're not even attempting to push towards it) and it'll give yourself a platform to expand your music adventure, host contests and such. Find a way to include your listeners in your movement, and have annual giveaways and such. Don't just be a drone putting out music - add the human element into your work! :)

  5. 63133
    RogueAi : Fri 26th Feb 2016 : 6 years ago

    I was once signed to a label that was a subdivision of a major label and not once got paid so at least you get $100 a month. Not bad if you already have a job.

    It sounds like, though, that you joined a band in a way, so less 'you got signed' and more 'joined an existing collaboration'. Unless you have your name in the publishing rights, song credits, etc. it won't do much for your individual exposure. If they are just giving you $100 a month for beats and not crediting you, it would be a bad deal.

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