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Android And IOS Based Studio - Gimmick Or Real

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  1. 630386
    Unknown User : Sat 13th Feb 2016 : 5 years ago

    The FL studio mobile App has been around for a while now and is stable relatively speaking all software can be made better with time. But I am just curious to know has anyone on this site made a song with FL Mobile or on any portable mobile DAW/App. So can you really achieve a full mastered sound that rival PC and MAC based studios on your mobile. What limitations have you found, in detail please.

    I just got G-Stomper Studio (Android) and I am going to play with it and see what happens but by no means am I considering moving completely over Android based studio apps. Again, just mainly doing it for fun to see where it will take me.

    Tell what mobile studio apps you use plus your complete mobile songs you have created. External links are cool to post here because I want to hear your mobile based productions and learn about your mobile studio apps and the pros and cons you found while producing on your mobile.

  2. 1408729
    deopi : Sun 14th Feb 2016 : 5 years ago

    The most promising software i checked on Android in my opinion was Caustic.
    It's a Reason-like app with synths, samplers, drum machine, mixing table with effects and you can plug any midi usb controller. It can also play sf2 sounds, and you can import any wav. sound.
    I like it for its simplicity, but i wouldn't make a song without re-work on it. At least mixing on a proper daw or hardware mixing table to get a good sound, but still i never did. I use it to remember ideas (when i travel) and to finalize them later.
    Electrum Drum is very nice too as a drum machine in my opinion.
    Pros : easy to put your ideas, easy to import any sound, easy to use.
    Cons : not enough precision for a real full song mixing, and then the problem of the monitoring (headphones, mini-jack connector...).

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