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Recommendations For Windows Laptop For Music Production

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  1. 1418458
    CorruptionEDM : Mon 8th Feb 2016 : 2 years ago

    Hey guys!

    Alright, to begin I should probably start by saying I do not have a professional studio. Right now I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 Desktop, a FiiO EK10 USB DAC, JBL LSR305 studio monitors and an old M-AUDIO Keystudio 49. It's a pretty small setup, but it isn't half bad. Recently I have been producing all my music on my desktop while paying little attention to my Dell Inspiron 15R laptop and Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones. It would be a killer machine (8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Full HD touchscreen) if not for it's unreasonably slow processor, an Intel Core-I7 clocked at a pathetic 1.8 GHz. I am seriously considering an upgrade as I enjoy making music on the go, but because I use FL Studio I am restricted to Windows machines, which means no Macbook (even if FL Studio was released today for OSX I would probably still lean towards Windows). What are your recommendations for a Windows laptop with at least 4GB of RAM and a speedy processor? I am trying to find one for $200-400. Thanks for the help guys, and it would mean a lot if you checked out my latest song and gave some feedback.

  2. 828980
    phatkatz4 : Tue 9th Feb 2016 : 2 years ago

    I use to use (still do sometimes) a 2010 Sony Vaio laptop 2.2 ghz processor and 4 gb of ram Worked well. still does, I use Desktops now though. I've seen those laptops used for around $200. I bought mine new for $650, only problem I ever had was music production killed the hdd, but runs perfect with a new one in it :D

  3. 1378797
    GregVincey : Fri 12th Feb 2016 : 2 years ago

    If you chose a laptop, definitely get more ram and processing. Trust me man, i use my laptop for making music and sometimes it laggs a lot working on projects :(

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