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    Zergmazter : Sun 7th Feb 2016 : 6 years ago

    Hello guys.

    I've bought this TH3 amp simulator, after trying their 15 day demo. What can I say out of Guitar rig 5, Revalver 4, Revalver hpse, and Bias, while not bad amp simulators to me TH3 sounded the best for what I was looking for.

    I was looking for a 80-90ish rock guitar sound which is the kind of sound my dad likes to play guitar with, and quite frankly I like too, and I'm not a vintage guy. He gets to build up his sound from scratch and I get to use presets and modify them to sound the way I want, so everyone is happy.

    If I was to rate them it would look like this:

    1- TH3
    2- Bias
    3- Revalver 4
    4- Guitar rig 5

    Mainly the difference was in the high end sizzle, and the tone sound of course. Th3 requires a lot less EQ out of the box in my experience. The thing about EQing rock guitars is the more you EQ them the more the sound drastically changes, leaving you with something over processed, and I felt quite happy with TH3 after just throwing in a light high pass, featuring with a tiny boost the best part, and a tiny cut in the mid low for clearness.

    Growing up with a dad who plays the guitar I knew exactly what I was looking for tone-wise and TH3 had it. It can sound retro as well as modern in the most realistic way out of them all, in my opinion.

    I give this amp sim 10/10

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