Looking For Serious Rappers

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  1. 1746175
    bonkmusic : Wed 6th Jan 2016 : 6 years ago

    Hey guys been a while since I have made music looking to come back in full force. I am looking to be featured on your unfinished project or start something new with other rap artists that are serious.

    Here is my youtube so you can see where im at:


    Please email me here if you are interested

    Thanks! Keep grinding.

  2. 1430167
    wordybum : Thu 7th Jan 2016 : 6 years ago

    I would definitely do a collab with you. check out my tracks on this site and let me know if you'd like to do some work together.


  3. 1253907
    yusuf203 : Fri 8th Jan 2016 : 6 years ago

    im interested an im willing to do a collab mixtape full length lmk if you want to collab https://m.soundcloud.com/yu-uf

  4. 1584732
    FoUrTeeNK : Fri 8th Jan 2016 : 6 years ago

    idk if your down for hooks but you can always check this out https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/168377

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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