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The Darkness Ft SkwishFish Remix Competition

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  1. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Tue 3rd Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Hello everyone! GoldenOokami is here. I am hosting another remix competition! I enjoyed the last one I had. This time, I wil be using the track, The Darkness, featuring SkwishFish. This track was really awesome to make and I consider it my best. I hope you guys are interested. If so, here are the stems!

    If there are any issues with this, please let me know. The track can be heard here!

    I will be picking the top three remixes. I will judge on creativity, consistency with the originalaity, freshness, ect, ect. You must actually use the stems, or recreate the patterns similar to them. You CANNOT use a program that automatically creates the remix using an auto-remix add-ons. Please have fun!

    **Deadline will be December 3rd at 11:59 Central Standard Time**

    Best of luck!

  2. 976720
    TheOfficialKatechism : Tue 3rd Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    are you sure the mediafire link is too your files and not just the site? because when i click the link it sends me to modifiers homepage.

  3. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Wed 4th Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    I am positive. There are no other options given to share the files.

  4. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Wed 4th Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Actually, try this link instead. Always had a problem with this. Sorry about that!

    Stems are here :

    ****** **********

  5. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Wed 11th Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    ~Shameless Bump~

  6. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 12th Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Two thumbs up on the loops G.O. way to GO bro! I like how they sound. The ROOM feel is a bit deep on some of them. All in all great quality man and you got a nice selection of instruments. Excellent Job! Mr. Funk.

  7. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Thu 12th Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Hey Mr Funk. I appreciate your words! But man, I think I may close this competition. Not really much going on with it. Probably just bad timing, I'm sure.

  8. 851137
    crucethus : Thu 19th Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Here is my official entry:
    The Darkness: Prey to me mix
    A darker take on R&B

  9. 1242197
    obesellama11 : Sat 21st Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Count me in. Working on the remix right now

  10. 1281572
    promenade2239 : Sat 21st Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    here is my remix

    this is really nice song from you and interesting sounds to work with. Congrats!

  11. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Sat 21st Nov 2015 : 5 years ago

    Sweet guys! I appreciate the participation! I was about to cancel the competition, but I decide to continue it. Best of luck to you all!

  12. 1408729
    deopi : Sat 5th Dec 2015 : 5 years ago


    Here's my rmx, i hope you'll like.

  13. 851137
    crucethus : Sun 6th Dec 2015 : 5 years ago

    poster ici s'il vous plaît, sur looperman, pas Soundcloud.

  14. 1408729
    deopi : Sun 6th Dec 2015 : 5 years ago

    Ok sorry here is the looperman's link, soundcloud's one is dead.

  15. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Mon 7th Dec 2015 : 5 years ago

    Will post results between now and tomorrow! :) Stay on the lookout!

  16. 1021431
    GoldenOokami : Tue 8th Dec 2015 : 5 years ago

    Would like to give a shoutout to everyone who participated! Had a really good time with this competition, given the few that participated. Really honored to the remixes I've heard. All 4 submissions I've gotten offered something new and amazing. Congrats guys. Let's get to critiquing now!

    At 4th place, we have Crucethus with "The Darkness Prey To Me Mix." Very creative idea adding different elements, with the echoing effects near the beginning of the track. Loved the funk addition you added! Was very smooth and sexy!

    At 3rd place, we have deopi. Very simple mix. Great usage of sound effects. The drum patterns were very easy to listen too. The bass sounds like its been increased a bit, but everything is still very chill. The outro became dubstepped, which was an interesting ending.

    At 2nd place, we have Promenade2239. Very smooth and gentle intro. The editted keys was incredible. Could easilly relax with that intro. After a while, the D&B comes, and it's really off. I can feel the intentions, however it wasn't hitting just there. After the D&B portion, I really loved the faded outro. Overall, I loved the creativity!

    At 1st place, we have Floris Uffing! His remix was very hardhitting and I could feel the control he had with this mix. Everything was balanced and simple to differentiate. He maintained the original track while adding his own style as well flawlessly. Cheers!

    Thanks to all who participated!


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