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Xyilent Remix Pack

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  1. 1247377
    XyIlent : Sat 10th Oct 2015 : 5 years ago

    Ive wanted to do this for a while..

    I put out a song yesterday called 'Little Robots' its a chill-ambient-soundscape-electronic song.
    Its not the biggest nor best song ive done but its cool for what it is.. but. I feel like theres more it could be and knowing me i will put it in a folder somewhere on my comp and it will slowly just become 'one of those songs i did'.

    So i want to do something different this time. I made a remix pack with loops of the synths, drums, sound effects, the individual drums/perc/snares, midi's whatever you need its most likely in there. Its all there in one neat little package for you :)

    Im not doing a remix competition or anything. The best song isnt going to get a gift card for Amazon or some crap haha
    Its just a little pack, for a little song called 'Little Robots' to have a little mess around with :D

    So it would be awesome if you downloaded the pack and had a go at remixing it, i know there are alot of different styles and genres her on looperman and would love to see what you guys could do with this.

    So thats about it :)

    If you do remix it, upload it here or wherever and post a link below so i can check it out.
    One thing i would note just make sure people know its a remix. Ive had this before where someone remixed my song but never mentioned me or credited me anywhere which kinda sucks. They even changed the name of the song haha


    Song on Looperman -

    Song on Soundcloud -
    (the reason im including the soundcloud is becuase its better audio quality there)


    Legal Stuff:

    All the content in the pack is made by me and your free to use as you wish.

    I really hope you guys have a go becuase i CANNOT wait to hear you weird and wonderful creations looperman!.

    All the best, i should prob mention the BPM is 100 ;)

    - Xyilent

  2. 1555498
    jojoyo : Sat 10th Oct 2015 : 5 years ago

    thanks man, i just finished a track using one of your loops

  3. 1247377
    XyIlent : Sat 10th Oct 2015 : 5 years ago

    @jojoyo Awesome! thanks for using it :)

    btw guys you can download the song on looperman or on soundcloud, i recommend the soundcloud one becuase its a wav file but its up to you. :)

  4. 1247377
    XyIlent : Sun 11th Oct 2015 : 5 years ago

    Had to pull the file down guys. you can contact me directly and i can give it too you though.

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