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  1. 1584732
    FoUrTeeNK : Tue 15th Sep 2015 : 6 years ago

    hey all, gotta track i would love to see finished,
    all i need is the hook i got 3, 32 bars done and hearing me on the hook just seem to be to much of one person, if you can understand what i mean

    so if you feel like you can feel the gaps with a good hook pls help me out!

  2. 720551
    Cologino : Wed 16th Sep 2015 : 6 years ago

    not a rapper or singer myself , but a snippet or something might help people a bit

  3. 1584732
    FoUrTeeNK : Thu 17th Sep 2015 : 6 years ago

    oops i forgot the link XD


  4. 1042109
    srob1234 : Fri 4th Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    You still looking for a hook for this? I'm a female vocalist, and I think I could come up with a hook for it if you don't already have one. :) Check out my soundcloud page:

    (Check out my hooks on "Watch Me Bleed" and "Play It Hard" for good examples of some of the hooks I've created)

  5. 1713043
    greermaa : Mon 7th Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    I am a singer/song writer, I've been in a choral group for 8 years and write my own songs as well. Check out my soundcloud and see what you think..https://soundcloud.com/hybridhoodlum1

  6. 1253907
    yusuf203 : Tue 8th Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    im down check me out https://m.soundcloud.com/yu-uf

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