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Buying A New PC Need Advice

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  1. 1248311
    Livingsoulsdie : Sun 9th Aug 2015 : 3 years ago

    Hey fellow loopers. I'm in the market for a new PC desktop and looking to spend up to $1000. I use ableton live 9 and when I make tracks they usually consist of a lot of tracks. After a while my current computer heats up and the speakers crack, the music sounds distorted and it just cannot handle the huge work load. I am looking at the HP Envy Phoenix 810-460 desktop and I am not finding anything else that really compares to it price wise. Does anyone have any suggestions, I want a desktop PC, it will not just be for music production but for everyone in my household. Thanks guys and gals :)

  2. 1127123
    Arhum : Sun 9th Aug 2015 : 3 years ago

    specs wise, the computer looks pretty good. HOWEVER, a word of caution...

    back when i was using windows, i realized one thing: hp stuff isn't the most reliable. it does its job the first few months (if you're lucky, then its first year) but then starts breaking down pretty quickly by the second (if you're lucky, then third) year in. so investment wise, not a really good option. again, this is just my experience.

    probably a little outside your price range (even if you downgrade a lot of the options), but there's the qube by adk pro audio ( the reason i recommend it is because they know what they're doing when it comes to pc desktops for music production. they prefer you call before you think about ordering online though. I'm sure they could help out in creating something that best fits your needs (i.e. something under $1000).

    just my two cents. hope this somewhat helps. it'd be nice if you list out what specs you'd want in your computer though. =)

  3. 1248311
    Livingsoulsdie : Mon 10th Aug 2015 : 3 years ago

    Thanks asidrn for the advice. I checked out the website and for a computer with basically the same hardware I found that just there base model alone to start with was over $1300 which is over my budget. I guess when it comes to HP people have mixed results. I must have had some good luck with HP. The computer I am using now is about 6 years old and it functions very well still as long as im not killing it with ableton. The computer that im using now is a hp slimline s3707c lol. I havent been producing music for that long and really its just a hobby, but it seems like the more and more I make music , the more and more computing power I need lol.

  4. 1108368
    BeatMaker4real : Mon 10th Aug 2015 : 3 years ago

    If it's just the issues described in your post that's causing you problems..why not just slap you another motherboard in the current build, and a new processor and memory. You could basically rebuild your old system to the spec's of the HP Envy Phoenix for a lot cheaper..The motherboard, processor, and memory is the heart of the computer, the rest is just added feature's that really has nothing to do with the workload performance.

    And if everything works ok on you current build, and only gives you problems after it runs for awhile..,try blowing it out with some compressed air, and concentrate on areas like the heat-sink unit, and fans

    Check out TigerDirect

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