New Recaptcha Security Check On Some Forms

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    Looperman : Wed 29th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    Ive updated the security check on some of the forms to ReCaptcha.

    It should be a better way to help prevent spam and should be less hassle to fill in.

    Let me know how you get on or if you have any problems.

    If it displays odd or does not show up hit refresh a few times.

  2. 347760
    PortraitOfABlackHole : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    only seen it once just now, worked fine for me, and MUCH preferable to the old way.

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    Did you change some other things as well?

    Got a track comment in my email today, and it said at the bottom "click here to view and reply to this comment" instead of just reply... and the actual comment is not visible in the email. Just wondering.

    Haven't come across the new captchas yet.

  4. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    Here here! I like the old way Shan. The pictures are not clear in some cases. I failed to identify things five times in a row before I got in and the ReCaptcha area was oversized and blocked the final button to click and login. I do not mind the cut and paste part. The ReCaptcha painted itself awfully on my Chrome browser while blocking some of the text and login area. I hope you do something about this. I support security, so do you have an alternative to this?

  5. 1127123
    Unknown User : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    that was complicated. i was scared i wouldn't find all the salads ;P

  6. 1293607
    Venuslove : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    This brought me back to 1st grade Click on all the pictures of ice cream"

  7. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    Did you fix it? I like the: I AM NOT A ROBOT captcha. It worked smoother and I got in on the first try this time. The clipart looks better, bigger and all the login controls were not blocked this time and were easily accessible.

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    Looperman : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    The first time you see it the styling may be slightly out as your browser would have cached the website styles. hit refresh to fix that.

    The new captcha is here to stay as long as it performs well and I cant see why it wont. I also like the old system which is why i chose it. The problem with the old system though is that it did not cater for blind people and required you to type things in. This new system should be much quicker to get through.

    Its a shame we have to have anything like this in place but thats the price we pay for the spammers of this world. This cuts out the automated scripts that people aim at the site in an attempt to flood us with crap.

    Once you start to use the new captcha it should remember that you are good to go and only show you the checkbox version and not the choice of images. The checkbox is much quicker and simpler then any other captcha ive seen.

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    Looperman : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    @spiv, yes I also changed the way the comment notification emails work. Ive been meaning to do this for a while for a few reasons.

    1 - To help keep our domain out of blacklists
    2 - To stop people replying to a no_reply email. I keep an eye on anything that bounces back and no matter how clear its made out in the email so many people still reply with their reply never going to where it should.
    3 - This way should mean more replies to comments hopefully

  10. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 30th Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    I see why you changed the notifications, But we will not be able to read the comments in the email? That makes me a bit sad.

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    Looperman : Fri 31st Jul 2015 : 6 years ago

    just bringing this back so I can make sure it all is going smooth with this.

    Any more thoughts, problems, reactions etc ?

  12. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Sat 1st Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    That new log in set up works slick, I like :p Keep up the great work Looperman :D

  13. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 1st Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    Works very well indeed,smooth!..and like Spiv said there's no longer displayed track comments in emails of review notifications,which is no big deal.

  14. 1107661
    liftarn : Sat 1st Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    It also looks like I don't get logged out all the time any more.

  15. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 1st Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    I just got logged out for some reason.

  16. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sat 1st Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    You got a persistent cookie! Clear your cache more often, that might help.

    Something ate your cookie or is eating your cookies!

  17. 1205128
    LivingInSilence : Sun 2nd Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    But who stole the cookie from the cook-cookie jar?
    Clear my cache often and have a new OS and browser yet Looperman has never been able to remember my username or password (must have a lot on his mind). Is this a me problem or a most people problem?

  18. 1127123
    Unknown User : Sun 2nd Aug 2015 : 6 years ago

    i know there's an option in chrome called something like "clear auto-filled forms/passwords" or something. I stopped using chrome cuz cache issues caused my tracks to not update if i didn't clear cache regularly. i used firefox briefly but somehow gravitated to safari hahaha.

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