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  1. 1107661
    liftarn : Thu 9th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    Antzhill is producing a compilation of various dark music, we're talking goth, industrial, ebm, aggrotech, dark ambient et.c. The genre is less important than the feeling. So why not put the summer days when you need to escape the sunlight to good use.
    It's still early in the planning so the title of the compilation is not decided yet (perhaps you have some suggestion). The deadline will be somewhere in the beginning of August.

    The compilation will be put up for free download on and streaming on various services (Spotify, Tidal, Rdio).

    As this is done on a zero budget/non-profit base we can't afford any lawsuits so there are some rules:

    * It must be your own music, i.e. no covers, no remixes, no mashups
    * it must be a new track or a substantial remix or at least not be available on any streaming service
    * don't use any samples or loops you are not allowed to use

    Please send us some links to a place where we can listen to your music without downloading (like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube). For the uncompressed music use or any other file sharing system.

    If it by some miracle turns a profit it will be donated to Bat World Sanctuary

  2. 606872
    WithoutMyArmor : Fri 10th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    Not sure if I have anything really dark right now, but I would like to work on something and send it your way. I enjoy a good challenge when it comes to writing and producing tracks. Maybe some examples would help, but generally something with a dark mood would be sufficient? (assuming it's up to quality)

  3. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Fri 10th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    You know with a name like Phatkatz4 it's got to be dark 3:D> I hide from the sun myself as much as possible ;)
    Just started working on a dark ambient tune today too.

  4. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Fri 10th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    Here's some of my fav's :p save some searching through all my stuff.
    Alone in the Dark, based on a true story of live entombment
    Descent into Darkness, story of the black death
    Nowhere to hide, a zombie story
    Necromatricide, poor Linda...
    By the light of the full moon, A date with the reaper ;)
    Invocation, Macbeth
    Desolate Mansion, teach you to go into abandonded mansions :p
    Fear, Whats for dinner? Why, you are :p
    Lost in the city of souls, welcome to hell 3:D>
    Most of my tracks are very dark, love gothic!! That's just some of my picks that are free to use. SOme of my others have poems and 'pellas where permission would be needed for potential commercial use. If by some miracle it does make a profit, donate all profit to that great cause :p I do music all in fun.

  5. 1107661
    liftarn : Sun 26th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    Several of them are very interesting. It's like being a kid in a candy store. It's hard to pick.
    Fear - Remastered would be a great intro track. I wonder how Nightmare would be with some really heavy reverb on the guitar.
    Nowhere To Hide is great.
    Necromatricide has the combination of melody and samples.
    By The Light Of The Full Moon is different from the cinematic tracks.
    Desolate Mansion has great feeling.

  6. 375728
    Cybertooth : Sun 26th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    underneath twilight abyss
    only thing i have effectively finished off of my most recent projects

  7. 1584732
    FoUrTeeNK : Sun 26th Jul 2015 : 7 years ago

    im def up for some dark story telling, ima fan for that horrorcore shit like Brotha Lynch Hung

  8. 1107661
    liftarn : Sun 9th Aug 2015 : 7 years ago

    Cybertooth : I could use that one.

    FoUrTeeNK : No, I don't think mainstream music like pop, rap, dance et.c. would be really suitable. There are many, many other places for that type of music.

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