Is FM8 Worth It

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  1. 1075030
    Vodnik : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    I was thinking about getting FM8 Because of some of the sounds I've heard my friends make on it, but I also heard its not worth it. I was wondering if I should get it or if I could also make crazy vocally growl basses like that on any of my other synths (Massive, Razor or Serum)? I'm still practicing with serum so I'm not far into it yet, but i can imagine its possible on there too, but I'm not sure how.

    I'm hoping to make some to get some good vocal bass patches set up to make strange riddim and KOAN Sound like Complextro and DnB.

  2. 915540
    JaySilent : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    ou could turn anything into anything, I've made a burp into a Growl and a shitty sounding Synth Pluck into a real sounding electric guitar, it's really just what you make out of it. you could download the demo of FM8 first, that way you can look into it, I've done it and I for myself can say that it is way more complex than massive (well, at the first look) and I personally would have to take some time to get used to it a little...
    really, it's just what you are willing to do to achieve the sound you want to have

  3. 522916
    ConsciousEntitySound : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    I use it all the time, it's great. Get it - it will bring a nice degree of increased versatility to your game.

  4. 672953
    Ozzz : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Massive does what you asked for with stock sets, FM8 is clouds and butterflies..

  5. 522916
    ConsciousEntitySound : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Massive is less user friendly. FM8 makes it easy for users, especially novice users, to manipulate presets and turn stock sets into original sounds. FM8 makes creating atmospheres especially accessible whereas Massive does not. End all be all, Massive is for intermediate users. The OP obviously is not that or they would not be inquiring about FM8.


  6. 1127123
    Unknown User : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    I don't know; EFM1 (Logic) isn't that bad imo. Can get some rad bass stuff coming out of there often.

  7. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 9th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    FM8 offers really simple and well laid out routing, with many possibilities. The FM style of synthesis is really well suited to both drums and bass, plus more standard synth and instrument sounds. I am particularly fond of the arpeggiator on that synth, and I like all kinds of those. Pretty wide variety of waveforms for the oscillators, but I definitely like to use the more common simple waveforms on this synth. The control possibilities for things like velocity or envelopes can be really useful as well. The effects that are included are *okay*... I generally try to opt for plugins for post processing as opposed to using the built in ones. It is a very different workflow and synthesis style from Massive. Just be ready to do some learning about how to set different types of sounds up.

  8. 782612
    40A : Sat 9th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Nope. It's poop, and especially if you already have Serum, Razor or Massive.

  9. 1069771
    hyster1a : Sat 9th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    For those basses you talking, you dont need FM8. You can make them with any other synth. So it doesnt matter what synth you have, what it matter is how you process the sound. Better spend money on distortion plugins like Guitar Rig, Ohmicide, Camel Crusher and buy Kontakt.

  10. 632846
    KIRL : Sat 9th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Serum and can create your own wavetables

  11. 841435
    ValveDriver : Sat 9th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    It also depends on your expectations. Are you looking for something where you can just load, and adjust presets for instant Skrillex? Or are you in it for the freedom of creation of new and original sounds by exploring routing, wavetables, envelopes, filters, etc.?
    As it's already been suggested,and I agree, download the demo, give it a good try. If you like it, buy it. If you don't, move on to the next one.

  12. 585633
    topvega : Sat 9th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    I got this 2 weeks ago and am impressed by it.
    Izotope Iris 2.

    Still getting the hang of it but it seems very versatile.


  13. 1075030
    Vodnik : Tue 12th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Thanks guys, ive been using some awesome wave tables to make some unique new riddim sounds from serum, thanks for all your input. still trying to get the hang of Razor though ;P

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