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    Nuffas : Thu 7th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Sup guyz. I'm very very new music producer (20 years old)from Lithuania and u know what? I don't have genres, I can create whatever kind of music I like. I'm calling myself as "TwoFace" cause I feel this is nearly as me. Just started weeks ago and I will try to do my best that u can hear a good music from me. :)
    U can hear my lattest song on https://soundcloud.com/twofacej/twoface-im-still-here-feat-pbxd or maybe yt www.youtube.com/watch?v=CACb7Jjp7jc
    And there's my official facebook fan page.
    facebook.com/twofacestep Have a nice day and reall wanna hear opinions about my songs. ;)

  2. 1416774
    SikNoiz : Thu 7th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Welcome aboard, TwoFace!

  3. 1293607
    Venuslove : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Very nice try! Some of the sounds are drowning out the other there should be an even balance otherwise the listener will want to turn down the volume where that should be our task. The intro sound compliments the girls voice and its timed right before she comes in, did you ever bring that sound back in? More of that. Good luc

  4. 672953
    Ozzz : Fri 8th May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Welcome to the site, buddy. Enjoy..

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