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  1. 1237805
    centralsdev : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    so i know alot use ads even in big time but it none senes to have that many or even have any or at least it should be own advertising or partners, it better and more attractive to have none or some other way to earn does cents.

  2. 1247377
    XyIlent : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    yeah how about a subscription fee of $40, and when you want to download a loop you could be charged $15 (90% to looperman 10% to creator) that should "earn does cents"

    I mean... it could do that, or it could do what its been doing for 15 years.. but that would be silly right?....

  3. 691199
    Modnex : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Advertisements are needed to make revenue. Without the use of advertisements this website and a whole load of other free sites would no longer be free.

    In order to have a website up and running, you need servers, a domain name, and a good security program to avoid hacking. All of these things charge a monthly fee just like any other kinds of bills. If the site was free and had no advertisements, there would be no other sufficient way of accumulating proper revenue.

    So what does this mean? One of two things. Either one, this website would eventually shut down because the bills couldn't get paid on time, or two this free website will no longer be free and would become another one of those sites that ask for credit card information during the login process. No is that really worth the removal of advertisements? Certainly is not. Just ignore the advertisements.

  4. 1237805
    centralsdev : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    hahaha i own my own paid visual private server and if i could have like 5-6 ads and get that paid of that it would be a joke. and this site doesnt seem to have alot of tracfic that those ads would do anything, but yeh on a 15years this could be big money, but who would evn wait that long and give people something annoying?

  5. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Don't want much for free? Ad's pay the bills for this free site to keep it free. Use adblock if they bother you so much... 2nd forum thread complaining about ads today!!

  6. 1247377
    XyIlent : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    Central.. you dont make alot of sense.. but ill reply to what i could understand.

    You say this site doesnt get alot of traffic...BUT it just passed 1 million members and if i were to guess there's more users coming in and out than there has ever been, but i dont have the facts.

    aanndd.. the rest i dont understand

  7. 486477
    GramoChopin : Sat 2nd May 2015 : 7 years ago

    I've seen people make far less sense

    But yea I'm kind of confused on what your saying centralsdev. And you can use adblocker like phatkatz was saying but there seriously isn't that many ads on this site. Not enough to be irritating at least. Well....except for the ads with commercials in them.

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