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  1. 1325518
    TotalSauce : Sat 25th Apr 2015 : 5 years ago

    Hi there everyone, i've been lurking on this site for a while now and the quality of content posted is usually superb.
    So i've decided to properly join and start uploading loops of my own and hope to start networking and collaborating with you guys.

    I'm definitely 100% for experimenting with everyone, but some genres i'd love to focus on would be:

    Progressive House
    Deep House
    French House
    Drum N Bass

    Just to name a few :)

    So for the sake of not making just another "hi there" thread i'll ask you all a question to get things going.

    What is your favourite track at the moment that you feel offers something different when compared to other mainstream songs?

    For me, Lean On by Major Lazor and DJ Snake is a good one out right now.

    Cheers Guys!

  2. 938948
    SeriouslyJoking : Sat 18th Jul 2015 : 5 years ago

    Hello, welcome and sorry for the slow response!

  3. 1261348
    SomedayDreams : Sun 19th Jul 2015 : 5 years ago

    Hi there. :)
    I feel like Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (The Rooftop Boys Remix) is very unique and it mixes almost an electro type sound with elements of ambience.

  4. 1232673
    MaurStylin : Sun 19th Jul 2015 : 5 years ago

    wuttup man! 100% > Diplo - Revolution (Unlike Pluto Remix). Its so clean, the drop is dope, and the vocals really let you get feel the track

  5. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sun 19th Jul 2015 : 5 years ago

    Awesome! Out from the shadows and getting yourself known. Great! Welcome there TS. Thanks for fully opting in and contributing your material here. Cheers from the welcome wagon man!

  6. 1378797
    GregVincey : Mon 20th Jul 2015 : 5 years ago

    Okay thats cool, interesting genre choices man, especially french house.

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