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    Looperman : Wed 18th Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    Updated the server software today so if you run into any problems or something suddenly stopped working please let me know and ill look into it.

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    JoeFunktastic : Wed 18th Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    Smooth! Did not notice a thing. Thank you Looperman!

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    Looperman : Fri 20th Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    updated some more of the core code today so let me know if you spot anything that seems amiss.

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    DanGoldstein : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    i was on my tablet last night trying to listen to tracks and was not able to do so. the site kept freezing on me. Could not get a track to play. this is on an android tablet. cheers!

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    Looperman : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    was it something that only started for you yesterday but worked the day before ?

    is it working now

    do you have more problems when there are lots of users online or anything else that springs to mind

    did you try and access the site in another browser or via a desktop while you were having problems and if so did it make any difference ?

    The updates i have been doing this week are with the server software and with the core code of the site. Ive also optimized many areas of the site to make pages load quicker.

    On my side ive seen speeds improve a fair bit and noticed an increase in overall page views and more users on line at the busiest times of day

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    DanGoldstein : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    sorry but still having very much the same problem today on my tablet. the site loads okay. but when I select "tracks" from menu it takes an inordinate amount of time to load or simply does not fully load. then I hit a play button and the whole site freezes on me.

  7. 479957
    DanGoldstein : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    a slightly different scenario - If I wait until the page is fully loaded (which can take 2-3 minutes). then I touch "play" and it goes from orange to white. I have been waiting now for the play for 1 1/2 minutes. now the play button turned orange again and I am back to square one.

    please don't take this rant the wrong way.

    i am a huge fan and supporter of this site. this experience does not change that. but it would be a huge advantage to be good on mobile with this site for me.

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    Evisma : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    The video ads bog the hell out of my flash player. I usually have to kill it in Task Manager before being able to do anything here smoothly. After I kill Adobe Flash, the site runs great.

    I don't mind ads. The only thing I don't like is that when you go to any page, you're paralyzed for about 30 seconds till all the video ads load, but killing Flash Player fixes that.

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    Looperman : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    you haven't told me if this is a mobile only problem. the more info you give the more chance or working out any potential issues

  10. 1115991
    Unknown User : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    The only thing that comes to my eye is that the loading times are much longer than usually. But i guess that is due to the new settings and that everything will be running normaly soon. Otherwise there's nothing to nag about.

  11. 479957
    DanGoldstein : Sun 22nd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    as far as what I have been bellyaching about, it is strictly a MOBILE issue. the desktop experience is superb! thanks very much for your concern and consideration. peace.

  12. 951439
    Evisma : Mon 23rd Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    "you haven't told me if this is a mobile only problem"

    Sorry. I only use desktops, but it's been slow loading since before the updates. Nothing new, just a lot to load with several videos that have to load before you can do anything else. Not a problem, the ads are necessary, but their videos usually makes me turn off Adobe Flash, and then they're not seen.

    This may only be an issue of my connection speed, and nothing that NEEDS fixing.

    While typing this, everything froze several times allowing video ads to load.

  13. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Tue 24th Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    I have the same problem as Midisparks, strictly mobile. Site runs great on my desktops and laptop. On my Android tablet and android phone same things Midisparks described happens. Been like since I got the phone over a year ago. Not a big deal to me, but since you asked...

  14. 1275567
    donfons : Tue 24th Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    I've had the error message "shockwave flash has crashed" come up a couple times this morning only. Any tracks that were playing would skip for a couple seconds and would pause momentarily before the error would display.

    After it is shown, tracks resume playing as normal. Some ads disappear however.

    Laptop, Google Chrome, 4 tabs of looperman open.

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    Looperman : Tue 24th Feb 2015 : 7 years ago

    im working through some slow database queries at the moment which could be causing some slow down.

    should be fixed by the end of the day though

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