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Looking For An Album Cover

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  1. 1074120
    Keen5003 : Fri 6th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    Hey, I was wondering if maybe I could get some album art... Hahaha, well this isn't technically the place to ask this question, but it suits the purpose. Don't get butthurt, share the looperman love.

    I guess I was looking for an album cover, and a profile pic for Google Play. Now, this will have to be un-copyrighted, but there can be a water mark, and you will get recognition. PLEEAAASSEEEEE. No Google Images pics. I really can't deal with a copyright issue.

    I want a completely original piece. I would like the album cover to say Evade(My Name) and the album is called The Life, so that needs to be on it. Big, juicy and colorful people. I want something awesome. I am really into sci fi too, so if it can be other worldly, that would be awesome.

    For the profile pic, I want an illuminati. Its a running joke with some of my fans, and I would like it worked into a profile pic. I want it to say Evade also. So, Sci Fi, Think big!

    Good Luck!

  2. 1297434
    ycsound : Fri 6th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    Id be down to help you but maybe u could like do something to help me. Like promote me on your souncloud or something idk. Email me

  3. 1149732
    JayLegend : Fri 6th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    I make original and professional cover art. I mainly use 3D text in most of my work, and yes, I hate how whenever someone asks for an album cover here, someone always gets a google image pic and pastes it in paint and puts some shitty text over it lol

    email me:

  4. 1416774
    SikNoiz : Fri 6th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    I can literally do both of those in ten minutes.
    Is there a specific font you want?

    I don't require any credit or anything.
    This is fun for me.

  5. 1364749
    looper61 : Fri 6th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    done the album art, check it out!
    tell me what you thin & dont be afraid to criticize it

  6. 1416774
    SikNoiz : Sat 7th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    I went ahead and did your profile pic.
    I made two versions.
    This is more of a lighter take on it.
    This is more of that sci-fi thing you were asking for.

    I went ahead and tried to incorporate the Illuminati triangle. If there's anything you want changed, just let me know.


  7. 268784
    3n0 : Sat 7th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    Was your old name dubnium?

  8. 1149732
    JayLegend : Sun 8th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    Made this for you. :)

  9. 1149732
    JayLegend : Sun 8th Feb 2015 : 6 years ago

    Sorry for posting twice, but I had to make some slight adjustments.

Posts 1 - 9 of 9

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