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    Enzotic : Wed 31st Dec 2014 : 3 years ago Hello Looperman users. I'm currently looking to purchase a new laptop, but am not entirely sure where to find a laptop at a decent price. Any assistance and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Issues with my current laptop:
    -Audio line-out (not sure what if that's its technical name) isn't working properly.
    -Slow processor for the type of work that I do.
    -Too little RAM.

    What I'm looking for:
    -At least 2 GHz processor (this is the recommendation for my main DAW)
    -At least 4 GB of RAM (I know that I purchase this separately and upgrade as needed)
    -Windows OS. I'm not looking to purchase a Macbook due to the price of the laptop in addition to the purchasing either Logic or Pro Tools.
    -Preferably less than $500. I am also willing to purchase a refurbished laptop.

    My current laptop:
    -Compaq Presario CQ57
    -2 GB RAM
    -1 GHz processor
  2. 186161
    Spivkurl : Wed 31st Dec 2014 : 3 years ago Well, I'm not really qualified, as I've never owned a laptop... but... I had to chime in. Please don't be drawn in by cheap prices of Dell computers. Our newest desktop was a recent Dell release, and it is by far the worst computer we've ever owned. I would especially recommend this if your laptop is going to be connected to the internet. This computer came with Windows 8 as well. The first time we ran a virus check, it found the device/software which the NSA uses to spy with. (Which appears to be standard on all Dells now) As soon as the virus removal went to it, Windows 8 failed and never worked again. We've since switched to Linux. We've even tried several times to run Windows 7 in a VirtualBox on Linux, and the whole thing is disabled on start up. Not to mention that half of the time the computer will just sit there and idle when powered up... oh yeah and the door on the DVD drive rattles really loud whenever it runs. Sorry, just don't want you to get taken. I never hook my studio computer up the net, and it avoids many problems. It's been a much better computer than this one.
  3. 486477
    GramoChopin : Wed 31st Dec 2014 : 3 years ago Yea, I'm with Spiv on dell. Although my other laptop (besides my macbook) is not too bad. It's a Inspiron 1545 but with all the content I've installed and put on it over the years it's slowed down a bit. So in turn, it's frustrating to make music on it. Macbook all the way for me.
  4. 828980
    phatkatz4 : Wed 31st Dec 2014 : 3 years ago I was using a sony Vaio 2.2 ghz processor 4 gb Ram worked great! Windows 7 I've seen used ones for around $200 (US dollars) I think it was the Hard disk drive that failed on mine after a few years of abuse. As soon as I can afford it I'm getting a solid state drive to get it working again. Best pc i've ever owned.
  5. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 1st Jan 2015 : 3 years ago Agree, Dell lap tops suck and vaio's are great but expensive. My most recent purchase was an HP core I 5 which I've been running for a couple of years now and can't fault it. It was cheap, has plenty of storage and runs pretty swiftly. I'd definitely buy another HP when this one bites the dust.
  6. 1258361
    sizz : Fri 2nd Jan 2015 : 3 years ago you could get an Acer. they good.
  7. 186161
    Spivkurl : Fri 2nd Jan 2015 : 3 years ago I too use an Acer in the studio, and have had very few problems with it.
  8. 1095400
    AnalogDisc : Fri 2nd Jan 2015 : 3 years ago I`m not really recommend laptop, because they are way more expensive than a desktop machine. For a good performance for any DAW look for:
    Some Quad Core CPU (I got AthlonII X4@ 3.7Ghz and sometimes works around 80-90% in FL 11)
    4 GB Ram is enough, but
    For producing a good a soundcard speeds up the system very well (I`m using X-Fi purchesed used, but works fine amd laptops got "some" soundcard)

    This machine with a monitor can came out aroud 500$ maybe a little more, but not much, because you don`t need a videocard an integrated something is enough!
  9. 342174
    DJFredrick : Sat 3rd Jan 2015 : 3 years ago Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Vaio are great brands for Laptops.
    I do Mac so its been awhile since I was on a PC (I hate Windows).
    IMHO you are going to be extremely limited with the stats you posted. I cannot imagine being able to operate with such little memory and 1ghz processor.

    If your budget is so little, $500, and you just cannot get a desktop, you should go used. I know thats a big No-No, especially in the PC world. But if you browse craigslist for a Macbook...I bet anything you can get a 13inch with substantially better stats for around $500.
    Getting a new Laptop sub-$500 would be very frustrating to any kind of serious music with imo. Unless there is something I don't know (there is a lot I don't know) that would free up your Ram, if you run any plugins, Reverbs, FX, VSTs...etc you are going to really be running slow.
  10. 817298
    Enzotic : Sat 3rd Jan 2015 : 3 years ago Thanks for all of the suggestions! I forgot to mention that I am a student. That is why I am looking to purchase an inexpensive laptop instead of a desktop.
  11. 342174
    DJFredrick : Sun 4th Jan 2015 : 3 years ago Also, keep in mind that a lot of places offer student discounts and always remember Refurbished. I'm always on Apples Refurb site. Get some killer deals like this one;


    Or even Best Buy refurbished is a great option.
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