How To Play Midi Drum Pads

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    RapperCAS : Thu 25th Dec 2014 : 7 years ago

    Hello. i have a keyboard and A korg Nano Pad2. i'm trying to start prodcucing beats. i'm still a newbie with things like synths and stuff. but i'm having the most trouble with doing drums. i use my nano pad 2 for this, and the thing thats getting me is, how do i do stuff like drum/snare rolls and fills? i just usually just hit the drum sound i wanna play and record it. but you know how when you wanna do the drums for another part of a song? like the verses or chorus? if i'm not mistaken, don't people usually using drum rolls to signal the transition for the next section of the song? (sorry if im using wrong terms, i apologize)

    my real question is, is it possible to do drum rolls with my fingers using the nanopad? i don't think i'm that experienced yet.

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