Looking To Buy A MIDI Keyboard

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  1. 817298
    Enzotic : Fri 26th Sep 2014 : 7 years ago

    Hey Looperman, I'm currently looking at buying a MIDI keyboard soon. Before I make a decision I'm trying to educate myself on some desirable specs of different brands.

    A few questions I have right now:
    What are some reputable brands that have good quality products, but aren't too expensive?
    What functions should I be looking for out of a good MIDI keyboard outside of the basic MIDI keys?
    What type of MIDI keyboard do you have and about how much did it cost?

    A few things about me to keep in mind are that I am learning piano (I can't proficiently play), I'm a poor college kid looking to spend under $150 if possible, and I am looking for something that won't be to difficult to transport with me (possibly via book bag)

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. 951439
    Evisma : Fri 26th Sep 2014 : 7 years ago

    Akai Professional has one for $99.

    I have this. Their best 25 key.

    $99 or $350.

    The difference is in the pad quality, touch sensitive fader screens and the key bed.

    This may be best for you though. Full size keys.

    Hope this helps.

  3. 1118799
    Stevejaz : Fri 26th Sep 2014 : 7 years ago

    Might be worth looking around for a second hand one. If you are having lessons a 25 key keyboard may not be what you need. There are plenty of older synth keyboards with midi out, many predating USB if you have the ability to connect with the old style midi cables. You may find something 2cd hand that will not only give you more keys (61 was common) but also work as a stand alone, well within your budget.

  4. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 26th Sep 2014 : 7 years ago

    If ease of transportation is your main concern,a 25 key controller is the ticket,for my purposes their too small and they invariably don't have slider controls as their bigger cousins do,I just upgraded my midi controller keyboard,initially I was looking for an Akai MPK49 but ended up buying a Novation LaunchKey49 to fit over my 61key synth,it was relatively inexpensive but it ticked all the boxes for me...light weight,great DAW control with reasonable key action (though inferior to the Akai's).....you can't go wrong if you check out a local DJ supply store where they'll have lots of brands all hooked up side by side and someone there who'll give you the whole rundown,usually I'm an advocate of the second hand market,but only when you really know what your looking for..older midi controllers can be more robust (and without getting too prejudiced,if a "young producer" was the previous owner it's probably been abused).....newer models have better DAW implementation and you've always got that little thing called a warranty.

  5. 439468
    fang : Fri 26th Sep 2014 : 7 years ago

    I'd say also consider how the controller works with your DAW. The Novation LaunchKey49 Planetjazzbass mentions has nifty automapping of pads and knobs to Ableton instruments which is nice...if you have Ableton!

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