What Do You Think About The Launchpad Mini

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  1. 1169478
    Tronex : Wed 6th Aug 2014 : 8 years ago

    Hi Looperman community!
    I want to buy myself a Launchpad Mini, and wanted to ask you what you think about the Launchpad Mini.
    I don't want to buy myself any Launchpad that costs more than the Launchpad Mini does, because I am new to the world of Novation and Ableton.

  2. 736426
    BEATZMODE : Wed 6th Aug 2014 : 8 years ago

    to me it just seems like people are more attracted to the bright flashing lights,i don't really understand it tbh,is it just a midi trigger that plays loops or can it be used for samples,drums etc like a Mpc,Mpd?

  3. 605220
    Ensam : Sun 12th Oct 2014 : 7 years ago

    I bought myself a Launchpad mini about a year ago and I never use it. For producing at home in your studio,for me, it has no use really, although if your intending to go out live then I can see the benefits.

    I would save your money and put it into something that would improve your sound, like monitors or an audio interface.

    Sorry to be negative about your intended purchase but it is very easy, as Beatzone said, to be lured by the flashing lights, I know coz I was!!!


  4. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 12th Oct 2014 : 7 years ago

    Though I've never used one, I would have to agree with the others. Unless you do live performance type recording, it probable won't do you much good. In most software, you can do the same thing with any MIDI controller keyboard, and you can get those pretty cheap now (got my newest one for $40) . A MIDI button is a MIDI button, whether it has lights or not, and a key on a keyboard is just a button.

    Do you DJ? Do you record your performances in your studio? Do you just use manual sequencing? You want to consider how you intend to make music before making a big purchase.

  5. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Mon 13th Oct 2014 : 7 years ago

    Novation make some very cool stuff,the Launch Control XL is a better bet (yes it's marginally more expensive than the Launchpad mini,but it has eight faders,heaps of rotary encoders,full transport controls,blah blah blah...you'll need something that can be adaptive as your mastery of Ableton increases(a never ending journey!) and able to encompass seemlessly a full spectrum of DAW tasks from track manipulation,Vst control,clip launch,mixing,mastering..blah blah blah....the Launch pad mainly does just that,launch clips which is good for live performances (though it can be programmed for other tasks)it's just not as conducive to a studio situation where you need hands on control of linear parameters...bottom line,any midi controller is better than no midi controller......cheers

  6. 951439
    Evisma : Mon 13th Oct 2014 : 7 years ago


    Same price, much more useability. The keys even make it an instrument!

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