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  1. 831304
    DubTek : Wed 25th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    I have been in discussion with a friend at work about our favourite lines from any song.

    Thought it might be a good discussion for the forums here.

    You are only permitted to pick one.

    I'd also like to hear why because sometimes I don't understand why someone might pick something until the reason is explained and then I get to see that song in a whole different light. And it's a great feeling.

    So. Mine is a lyric by a guy called sage francis from a track called Sea lion.

    "Ma, look what I did ma, look what I did to my hands, I broke 'em. You gave me the stone, gave me the chisel but didn't show me how to hold 'em."

    My mum left when I was 3 and then came back when I was 15. Felt like if she had been there to help me maybe id be in a better place. So it really speaks to me.

    So what's your favourite line? And why?

  2. 308224
    theHumps : Wed 25th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    I would like to post some funny Nashville Pussy lyrics but this is an all ages site so I won't do that. But I must say Kris Kristofferson wrote some great lyrics in his day for many successful artists. Johnny Cash sang one of his songs and was one of his earliest hits called "Sunday Morning Coming Down". All the lyrics to the song are great but this one verse really paints a picture I'm sure many can relate to.

    Well, I woke up Sunday morning
    With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt
    And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad
    So I had one more for dessert

    Here is a link to the two of them performing the song live:


  3. 588276
    StaticNomad : Wed 25th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    I declare the following lyrics by Maxi Jazz from the group Faithless to be near-perfection. They're so deep, exceptionally cool and self-empowering. It's a smooth rap so you need to hear the delivery though they also make a great read.

    The music of the song is quite exceptional and I wouldn't really call it a hip hop track. Sorry, but I can't really pick just one line so I'm posting the lot:

    Watch me ride
    Take the words and the bass
    Taste, and then swallow me
    You're chasing the devil
    Cause you're level if you follow me
    For quality, and I make no apology
    For linking my thinking with computer technology
    Cause this is like a modern day hymn
    For the new church
    I search for the truth
    I've got a hole in my tooth
    I'm Uncouth, yes sir, I'm from the street
    Where we learn to earn even in times of adversity
    And always find the ease way out of a hard time
    Petty crime sometimes
    But now I'm inclined to find
    A fresh direction
    Check out the funky section
    Cause this is the part where I start to rip up words
    A comfort coming straight from my heart
    I'm not a mystic
    My views are realistic, simplistic
    One special brew I get pissed quick
    And get sick so I don't do it no more
    I won't find peace of mind
    Rolling around on the floor
    The point I want to make is
    You can never escape from your fate
    The mistake is to take without giving
    From within
    You know how I'm living
    I'm cool. I'm looking after myself
    And I could never place wealth before my spirit
    I feel it's unhealthy
    The devil creep around you so stealthy, stealthy
    Till ya get bold, rush the gold
    And before ya time is over
    Ya soul is sold, where's it gettin ya?
    Competition starts swearing ya
    Gold diggers setting you up
    Soon be forgetting your existence?
    Do ya need a for instance
    I hafta admire your persistence
    In sticking to a game plan
    That brings ya pain man
    And at the end of the day nothing is gained
    So listen to the voice within
    I'll see ya later
    Pay heed to the Grand Oral Disseminator
    I keep lying and trying
    Denying the call from inside
    Ya can't hide responsibility
    So decide from today just who it's going to be
    Thou shalt have no other god but me
    So set ya free see
    But you'll have to listen
    And who's that false idol
    I see you kissing?
    Money, success and untold wealth, good health
    And all ya have to do is love yourself
    It's a fact you'll attract all the things that ya lack
    So just chill
    And get off the race track
    And take a pace back, face facts
    It's your decision
    You don't need eyes to see
    You need vision
    Continue to view the lord as being separated
    And you're living a lie that's been perpetrated
    For many centuries, I wanna mention
    These facts in my rap
    I don't sing
    But I wanna share the peace that it brings
    My name is G.O.D
    The Grand Oral Disseminator

    faithless reverence (full version)


  4. 951439
    Evisma : Wed 25th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    I killed a man 'cause he killed my goat.
    I put my hands around his throat.
    He tried to reason with the sky and the clouds.
    But it didn't matter, cause they can't hear a sound.

    Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl

  5. 782612
    40A : Wed 25th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    -Tim Wilson (R.I.P)
    -Super Bad Sounds of The 70s


    "Look at that booty, show me the booty
    Give me the booty, I want the the booty
    Back up the booty, I need the booty
    I like the booty, oh what a booty"

    reason should be self explanatory
    ( )

  6. 951439
    Evisma : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    "No, no. I say yeah, yeah.
    No, no. I say yeah, yeah."

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

    "No, no, no. Yeah.
    No, no, no. Yeah.
    No, no, no. Yeah."

    Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome

  7. 347760
    PortraitOfABlackHole : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    im a little more than useless,
    when i think that i cant do this,
    you promise me that ill get through this,
    and do something right,
    do something right for once.

    Relient K - More Than Useless

    I think its pretty self-explanatory.

  8. 1201983
    RenzWilde : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    When I was a child
    I caught a fleeting glimpse
    Out of the corner of my eye
    I turned to look but it was gone
    I cannot put my finger on it now
    The child is grown
    The dream is gone

    Lyrics can be interpreted anyway the listener chooses...obviously. When I first heard these lyrics, they moved me profoundly. I interpreted them as me being the child and catching a glimpse of absolute bliss, a meaning to my life.

    My purpose for existing and all my hopes and dreams were caught in a glimpse. But like the lyrics say, I cant put my finger on what it was.

    And now the child is grown. The dream is lost :[

  9. 1201983
    RenzWilde : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Then there's always...

    You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
    So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
    Gettin' horny now


  10. 691199
    Modnex : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    What about....

    I wanna shoot you down now for the things you did.
    From far away I came, got away from seeing red.

    I came a long way to see you,
    Such a long way to see you.
    I came a long way to see you,
    Now I wish you were dead, wish you were dead.

  11. 691199
    Modnex : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    That song was called Vagabond by Greenskeepers, just in case anyone was interested. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5UQE3QnZwI

  12. 745581
    SUDDENSHIFTOFFICIAL : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Rippin' through like a missile,
    Rippin' through my heart,
    Rob me of this love.

    Raise your weapon, raise your weapon... and it's over.

    Love your ego, you won't feel a thing,
    Always number one, the pen with a bent wrist crooked king,
    Sign away our peace for your war,
    One word and it's over.

    Dropping your bombs now
    On all we've built,
    How does it feel now
    To watch it burn, burn, burn?

    Raise your weapon, raise your weapon... and it's over.

    Absolutely love those lyrics I know it's about politics and war but to me it's more personal, "How does it feel now
    To watch it burn" I have that tattooed on me, it makes me think of all the haters fueling the fire to keep me going !

  13. 831304
    DubTek : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Some cool tracks guys!

  14. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    All good stuff.

    For me I'll never forget a few simple words written by the most prolific and influencial songwriting team (at least in my book) ever assembled...Lennon and McCartney (Beatles).
    Song is off the Abbey Road album - The End.

    "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"

  15. 951439
    Evisma : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    What I got, you gotta get it, put it in you.

  16. 588276
    StaticNomad : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    I'm holdin' out for a hero.

    Holdin' out for a hero till the end of the niiiiight.

    He's gotta be big and

    He's gotta be strong...

  17. 588276
    StaticNomad : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Purple haze
    All in my brain
    Daily things
    Dont seem the same
    Actin funny
    But I dont know why
    Scuse me while I kiss the sky

  18. 588276
    StaticNomad : Thu 26th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Rollin down the street
    Smokin indo
    Slurpin' on gin and juice
    Laid back
    With my mind on my money and my money on my mind

  19. 951439
    Evisma : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Embrace this moment, remember, we are eternal, all this pain is an illusion.

  20. 588276
    StaticNomad : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Reaching Out To Embrace The Random,
    Reaching Out To Embrace Whatever May Come.

  21. 851137
    crucethus : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    "I use you..and I confuse you, and then I lose you, still you won't suspect me."
    Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) Ladytron

  22. 907685
    Blueeskies : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    "Now my friends lay me down to sleep.
    A fifth of whiskey down by my feet.
    If I should die before I wake,
    tell everyone that I drank it straight."

    Upon A Burning Body - Texas Blood Money

  23. 588276
    StaticNomad : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Blueeskies: that is a very cool quartet of lines!

    How about this classic pair:

    Dynamite with a laser beam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind

  24. 588276
    StaticNomad : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    Silence can be violence
    Sorta like a slit wrist

    (from Bullet In The Head by Rage Against The Machine)

  25. 174317
    smallpaul : Fri 27th Jun 2014 : 8 years ago

    All I ever wanted
    All I ever needed
    Is here in my arms
    Words are very unnecessary
    They can only do harm

    Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence

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